The Order by TJ O’Shea book coverThe Order by TJ O’Shea is a sapphic adventure romance that is not to be missed.

At her father’s masquerade ball, witty heiress, Luciana Piccolo is whisked into the arms of a mysterious stranger on the dance floor and literally swept off her feet. She’s thrilled to break the shackles of her purposeless life but when said stranger kidnaps her and takes her to the rebel camp, she’s less than thrilled to actually be shackled as a prisoner. Lucy is forced to accompany her abductor who is an abrupt and ruthless assassin across the war-torn former United States as Taylor executes assassinations and leads the rebel army.

As the two fight to stay alive, they must rely on one another, and the antagonistic spark begins to ignite a passionate flame. The stakes get higher while secrets are revealed as the battle between new love and old loyalty may prove more dangerous than the war they’re immersed in.


To say that I’m in awe of TJ O’Shea’s writing ability is an understatement. With The Order, she has carefully constructed a nation, unlike anything we’ve ever seen where tyrants, rebels, and upper and underclass citizens fight for their ideals. The first chapter is an amazing combination of flirty banter and adrenaline-filled action. Needless to say, I was hooked and taken on a journey in more ways than one.

The writing is so smart with exquisitely detailed character descriptions, vocabulary, sensory language, and perfectly placed profound quotes from famous literary works. I found myself highlighting many elements throughout my reading which I will refer back to when I need a reminder of how truly incredible this book is.

​​There was a point in the book that was so heartbreakingly emotional that I actually cried. Sure I’ve teared up reading books before but to actually cry, that’s only happened a handful of times. Here, TJ O’Shea made me cry. I could literally feel the love, pain, and heartache in every word spoken, in every heartrending detail. Their emotions were mine. It was quite an emotional experience, and one I won’t soon forget.   

Pros And My Favourite Parts

After reading the publisher’s synopsis of The Order, I knew that I was going to enjoy it. However, I was wholly unprepared for how thoroughly taken I would be with this story. I was gripped by the first chapter and literally could not put it down. Fortunately, I was on vacation and therefore wasn’t shirking my responsibilities by planting my behind on a lounge chair and only taking quick breaks for the basic human needs.

The plot is ingenious, with violence and war, and a beautifully created romance that left me breathless.

Taylor is an assassin and lieutenant general in the rebel army who is a soldier through and through. She takes orders and executes them to perfection but with her first glance at Luciana Piccolo, the daughter of a tyrannical region leader, everything she’s come to know is put in question. Taylor is quite the dichotomy. She’s a ruthless killer yet underneath she’s an empathetic, beautiful, lonely soul. She never wavers in her fight for The Order yet as she allows Lucy in and her carefully constructed walls crumble, the outcome is really quite special.

Lucy is amazing! She loves her father but hates that he’s caused her isolation. To the world, she’s a privileged heiress who is meant to be seen and not heard, but underneath she is passionate, brilliant, and brave. Her true qualities shine through as she goes hand-to-hand against enemies and fights alongside Taylor and her army. Her outstanding wit and sarcasm made me smirk and chuckle numerous times.

The romance between Lucy and Taylor is swoon-worthy. Despite being her kidnapper turned ward, Lucy is drawn to Taylor and the feeling is quite mutual. The pull between them is palpable and as their relationship develops my heart not only soared but broke for them. I love the way they love one another and in turn, are able to establish the lives they deserve.

Mason, Hunter, Delilah, Faith, Cassie, Finnley, and Theia are all crucial components of The Order with each playing a significant role in the journey. It should be noted the dynamics they each add to the story make it that much better.

Heads Up

This story contains descriptions of violence and death.

The Conclusion

If I could safely shout from the rooftops how amazing this book is and how I think that everyone who loves sapphic adventure romances should read this, I would. The Order by TJ O’Shea is a perfectly written tale with incredible main characters, amazing supporting characters, action, drama, sarcasm, and romance.

I will merrily read this story again and again because being a part of Lucy, Taylor, and the incredible cast of supporting characters’ journey was truly a pleasure for me. While the course is tumultuous with a multitude of obstacles continuously thrown in the way, perseverance, loyalty, courage, and love woven throughout this story makes it hands down one of the best I’ve ever read.

Excerpt from The Order by TJ O’Shea

As I deliberate how best to maim myself with a champagne flute, a throaty voice tingles in my ear from behind. “Hello again.”

When I turn, I’m staring at the top of the head of the mysterious blonde from earlier. Running my tongue across my lips, I cock an eyebrow and peer down at her. “Hello yourself.”

With a formal bend at the waist, she takes my hand in hers. “I’m sorry to bother you, Miss Piccolo, but I’d love to have this dance.” Deceptively kind eyes harden as she sizes up Jimmy Junior. “You don’t mind, do you?” It doesn’t matter if he minds, because she forcibly detaches his grip on my other arm, shoving my champagne flute into his meaty hand. “May I?”

I’ve barely finished nodding when she whisks me away to the dance floor. After we’re out of range of the lovely Jimmy Junior, I heave a sigh of relief. “You’re my hero.”

We join others on the dance floor and fall into place among those whirling around to the small orchestra’s arrangement. Our heels hit the waxed hardwood in perfect time to the music, weaving through the ballroom with ease. I enjoy a good waltz as much as the next heiress, but it’s poor form to dance with a stranger. Though, I have to admit, the impertinence of dancing with the region leader’s daughter without introducing herself feels apropos for the same woman who worked Chief Jones into a rage.

“So,” I begin, “does my savior have a name?”


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ISBN number: 978-1642473780

Publisher: Bella Books

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