The Helion Band by AJ MasonThe Helion Band by AJ Mason is a sci-fi space opera with a romantic subplot.

Rose is on the run. After serving her mistress Queen Penthesilea with kindness, she is given an apparently worthless bracelet in return. But once the Queen realises her mistake, she will do anything to get it back – and that includes killing Rose if need be. Rose begins to see that the bracelet has powers – and it has melded with her. She must hide this secret and keep those around her from the harm the Queen will unleash. But her love for space captain, Vash, forces her to face the choices she must make. Can they be together? And can she stand up to the hate and terror from her Queen?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

The Helion Band was well written with fascinating and compelling characters. I felt as if I was there with them, as they battled to survive. Rose was strong and resilient and brought out the best in people. And not just the heroes. Penthe was despicable, yet Rose some something more in her. There was tension and violence and fear, but I left it feeling hopeful. I wanted these people to beat the odds. I relished those little moments between characters, when a kind word made all the difference.

Cons And Heads Up

There is a fair bit of violence and some torture.

The Conclusion

I loved the world constructed by AJ Mason. The universe she has created could only have been written by someone who knows and loves sci fi. I enjoyed finding out about these characters. I hope AJ Mason has plans for a sequel, as I will be first in line to read it.

Excerpt from The Helion Band by AJ Mason

Vash had sat next to her and said hello. Her easy smile had disarmed Rose, and she’d shyly accepted the offer of another drink. They’d started talking and somehow never stopped. In the weeks that had followed, the handsome privateer had courted her; she’d brought flowers or some small gift from one of her trips off-system every time she visited. Rose couldn’t help being drawn into the ancient dance, telling herself that she could, and would, move on before things got too serious.

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Publisher: Butterworth Books

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