The Plus One by Natasha WestThe Plus One by Natasha West is a delightful romance and I couldn’t put it down.

Charlie is well known for not being able to keep a girlfriend so when her sister asks her if she will have a plus one for the wedding then Charlie is pleased to answer with a resounding yes! Sure, she hasn’t asked her current girlfriend but that doesn’t matter. It’s true love, after all. Isn’t it?

But when she gets dumped then she needs to figure out how to not look like a fool in front of her family. So she concocts a scheme to hire someone to pretend to be her girlfriend for the wedding.

Amy is beautiful. So beautiful that she has found a lucrative career as an escort. Not for sex but for making the hopeless look great at office functions, weddings and other social occasions where someone like her on their arm can convince friends and family that they are not a loser.

On the day of the wedding Charlie and Amy meet only to realise that they know one another. Now Charlie has to decide if it is worse to go to her sister’s wedding without a date or with the woman who broke her heart when they were teenagers.

The Characters

Amy wanted to be an actress, she had that star quality after all. That certain something that made people turn to her when she walked into a room. But somewhere along the line she lost that dream and ended up being a rent-a-date instead. The money is great and the hours are not bad for how much she earns. She has never found love and when she meets Charlie again she is drawn to her in a way she isn’t normally drawn to people.

Charlie is a personal trainer. No one can accuse her of being particularly driven in life and she is totally okay with that. She struggles to keep girlfriends and never quite allows herself to fall in love. When Amy comes back on the scene Charlie feels all the anger and hurt from her teenage self come to the surface but what also appears is the magnetic attraction for the beautiful, unattainable Amy.

The Writing Style

I adore the way Natasha West writes. Her language use is gorgeous, her humour is perfect and she writes great chemistry.

The Pros


The Cons

There were a couple of missing commas.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

This is a second chance romance that will melt your heart and make you laugh. The writing is crisp, the characters are real and the chemistry is scorching. A definite two thumbs up vote from me. You can be sure I will be reading this one again and again.

Excerpt from The Plus One by Natasha West

Charlie trotted as quickly as her heels would allow, rounding the bend of the hotel, out of the sight of the wedding party. She saw a blonde woman facing the other way, wearing a backless black silk dress, looking down at her phone. She hoped the front looked as good as the back did. The woman was pure hourglass.  

Amy, unaware that her date approached, was scanning the details of the file, trying to memorise as much as she could. She hoped she might get ten minutes in the toilets at the reception to really seal it in. But as she got to the photo and name, she gasped. 

Charlie coughed to get the woman’s attention and Amy looked up sharply. Charlie said ‘Hi’ and held out her hand, ready to introduce herself. And then her hand simply fell away. There were no introductions necessary. Charlie knew exactly who the woman she’d hired to be her date was. Her name was Amy Sinclair. She was the first girl ever to break Charlie’s heart. 

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