The Lost Temple of Psiere by K AtenThe Lost Temple of Psiere by K. Aten is the second book in Aten’s Mystery of the Makers series and is an action packed sci-fi/fantasy adventure novel with a steamy romance.

Being the Commander of an elite Corp serving as protectors of the crown is a hard job. But when the royal you are protecting happens to also be an adventurist, as well as your lover and future par, and there is a plot to overthrow the royal line…well Castellan Tosh has her work cut out for her. Fighting giant Armicrustes is like a vacation in comparison.

Connate Olivienne Dracore may be next in line to the throne of Psiere but that isn’t going to slow her down in her adventurist pursuits. She is on a quest to find the Lost Temple of Psiere and unravel the Divine Mystery surrounding their origin and purpose. And by the Makers, she is going to succeed with the help of her highly trained Shield team and her beloved Commander Tosh.

Their last mission provided the map that will lead them to the third mysterious temple and hopefully the answers they’ve been seeking. But the way is fraught with all manner of beasts and, with the rebellion in full swing, the danger of rebel attacks looms around every turn. But before they can even set out to risk their lives on this mission, they need to survive their own oathing ceremony…and their parents.

The Characters

Commander Castellan Tosh is a hero. Dauntless in her duty, brave, intelligent, and someone to whom you can entrust your life in even the most dire situations… like when a giant Leviathan tries to drown you, rebels try to shoot you or blow your dirigible from the sky, skunk apes toss trees at you… well, you get the picture. She also is dashingly handsome and incredibly passionate when it comes to Olivienne.

Connate Olivienne Dracore is fearless and curious, which makes her a fine adventurist if a bit too much of a risk taker given she is next in line to the throne. But she is determined in her quest to solve the mystery of the Makers and better the lives of all Psierians. She is also passionate when it comes to her commander and lover, Castellan.

It is a riot watching the pair take the next step in their blistering romance as they begin the oathing ceremony and get to meet the parents.

The Writing Style

This book has a great balance of humour, action, mystery and romance. The pacing is fairly steady but the flow does tend to get bogged down a bit with repetition periodically. Aten has chosen to change up some language in the series, specifically in relation to measurements (daes, oors) and titles (Maman, par) which is a nice touch and adds an extra dimension to the story.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

The world building and the creatures of Psiere are boatloads of fun and excitement. The planet is a menagerie with a myriad of mythical beasts such as Sirens, Griffins, Sasquatch, Atlanteens (gigantic ocean creatures), Nessie and so many more encountered throughout the book. They are a blast and make you want to turn the pages faster to meet the next fantastical beast.

Cons And Heads Up

At times, I felt as though pieces of information were repeated too much and I think better editing could have improved the overall experience. There was also one instance where the mains expressed feelings of desire in a situation that, to me, seemed like an entirely inappropriate time and made me feel a tad uncomfortable.

The Conclusion

If you’re into Lara croft but want a steamier, wlw version that is set on a different planet where people have evolved telekinetic powers, then look no further. This series has more adventure than a Skunk ape has hair…or odour for that matter. More mystery than the Makers’ have puzzles, and more heat than an illeostone has magnifying power.

TLDR (too long didn’t read)

Lara Croft meets Fantastic Beasts with a bit of Meet the Parents topped off with a scorching love story set on a different planet. Funny, exciting and hella hot.

Excerpt from The Lost Temple of Psiere by K. Aten

Olivienne stood and grabbed Castellan’s hand to pull her up as well. She gave the recalcitrant woman a quick kiss and a shove toward the door. “As a matter of fact, you can tell her that I can make a few inquiries to get a clothier on short notice if she needs securing an outfit for the oathi—“

Both were startled when Spc. Yazzie pushed into the room ahead of a helpless Spc. Devin. He was busy trying to hold back a tall middle-age woman with long pale hair pulled into a thick braid. “My apologies Connate, Commander, but Psera Tosh—“

“Oathing? Shield Corp? Have we fallen so far from your graces that you don’t share news with your family anymore, Castellan? Instead I am forced to hear the details of such things from a gossiping interpreter walking by the charging chamber rather than my own daughter!”

Castellan paled. “Maman! What are you doing here?”

“It’s funny, but I would expect the brightest psi in three generations of Academy training to have better communication skills. First, you tell us in a letter that you’ve switched from one gadabout Corp to another. A velum, Castellan! And then you don’t tell us at all about the most important change in your life. Just what kind of woman has agreed to consor with you, that you’re ashamed to even speak her name to us?”

Olivienne smirked from where she stood behind Castellan. The commander took a short step forward and her hands came up in a pleading manner. “Maman, you must not say such things! My future par is the most amazing person on all of Psiere, save the Queen of course…”

Cassiene Tosh snorted at her daughter’s exaggeration. “As great as that? Oh please. Everyone across both continents insists their beloved is as fair as Archeos and Illeos combined. But I highly doubt that you’d come across a woman worthy of all that in your wanderlust career. I know I’ve pressured you a bit to find a par but don’t just use into it with the first person of interest that you spend an evening tupping.”

“Pressured? A bit?” Castellan’s voice rose with each word then she sputtered and turned red as she realized the rest of what was said. The next words came out as an uncharacteristic hoarse yell. “By the Makers, she is more than someone I’ve been tupping—“ Castellan’s words cut off with the touch of Olivienne’s fingers to her forearm as the Connate stepped around her within sight of Cassiene.

“Psera Tosh, I may not be on level with the Queen of Psiere, but I certainly hope she passed some of her good traits on to me.”

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The Mystery of the Makers

The Sovereign of Psiere

The Lost Temple of Psiere

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  • ISBN number: 9781619294486
  • Publisher: Flashpoint Publications
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