Easy Nevada and the Pyramid's Curse by Georgette KaplanMichelle: Easy Nevada and the Pyramid’s Curse by Georgette Kaplan is an adrenaline-fueled action and adventure masterpiece that keeps your heart pumping from the beginning to the end.  It is the first book in the Cushing-Nevada Chronicles and hold on to your hat because it is chock full of excitement!

Things aren’t going well for Easy Nevada.  The treasure hunter is buried up to her neck in the sand on an island beach in the Gulf of New Guinea.  Negotiating with pirates is difficult!  Rescued from her precarious position by her partner Jaques, she is greeted with even more bad news.  Her benefactor has also unceremoniously severed funding for her expedition to recover the final piece of 13 artifacts she is retrieving for him.  Then again, freelance might be a better option for the sharp-tongued tomb raider.  Less people to interfere and a bigger payout in the end.  Still set on retrieving the artifact, she poses as a journalist to insert herself into the dig site of pyramid in the Sudan. 

Candice has toiled tirelessly her entire life to get to this moment.  She went to school, studied hard and graduated maxima cum laude.  It is her theory, linking pyramid placement with constellations that results in locating the cursed pyramid of Queen Amanirenas.  She is about to unearth the tomb and finally get the recognition she’s been seeking when chaos erupts as a group of religious zealots sweeps in to destroy the site and its blasphemous idols. 

Easy wants to raid the tomb.  Candice wants to preserve the site for historical and cultural reasons.  ISIS wants to blow it to smithereens.  Easy and Candice will have to join forces if either of them is to succeed but can they get along long enough to do it?

Sheena: Easy Nevada and the Pyramid’s Curse by Georgette Kaplan is the first book in the funny, sexy, action adventure series that should be in every audiobook library.

Meet Easy Nevada, a fortune hunter who is looking to find a very specific treasure buried for two thousand years. In the process of getting hold of this treasure she meets Candice Cushing, an archaeologist born in Sudan and raised in Britain. The sparks ignite between these two but Easy won’t let something as simple as attraction stop her from getting her hands on what she is looking for.

To make matters complicated, as with any good treasure hunt, there are death traps and a bad guy who will is out for blood.   

This rip roaring action adventure takes you all over the world and creates incredible action sequences, tender moments spliced with laugh out loud dialogue moments.

The Characters

Michelle: Easy Nevada is introduced as an arrogant and scurrilous treasure hunter whose mouth gets her into some pretty sticky situations.  She is not an overly likeable or relatable character initially with her sexual bravado, quest for fortune and attitude towards women.  However, she evolves throughout the course of the adventure under Candice’s influence.  As you learn more about her and her past she becomes a much more layered character and her defects make her more tangible and relatable. 

Candice Cushing is a brilliant and dedicated archeologist who is both trying to make her mark in her profession and help preserve the history and knowledge of her native country, the Sudan.  She is relatively straight laced, especially when compared to Easy, but she is also firm in her determination and beliefs, stands her ground when she must and holds her own against Easy’s banter and flirtations.

Easy and Candice are the ultimate odd couple but despite their differences, there is an undeniable attraction that becomes harder to fight the more time they spend together.  The palpable tension and the gradual development of the searing chemistry between them will keep you on edge as much as the action.

The Writing Style

Michelle: Kaplan managed to hook me in right away with the opening scene of this book.  The action unfolds at a blistering pace.  Exhilarating moments of peril are perfectly interspersed with moments of character insight maintaining a thrilling atmosphere that kept me interested and on edge.  Kaplan does a wonderful job steadily building the sexual tension between Easy and Candice and I look forward to seeing it culminate as the series progresses.

The story is written from the different points of view of Easy, Candice and even Farouq (the main antagonist).  I love how this allows you to get into their heads, and gain a better understanding of who they are and what is driving their behaviour.  It gave me a deeper connection to the characters that could have seemed flat without this insight.

I thoroughly enjoyed the brilliant descriptions of the landscape Kaplan writes.  She is really adept at pulling  you into the scene with her vivid imagery.  I’ve hiked in deserts and reading this, I could once again feel the beating, unrelenting heat and dryness of the desert and found myself reaching for a glass of water on more than one occasion.

The Pros

Michelle: What I most enjoy about this book is the hilarious dialogue and banter between Easy and, well everyone, throughout the entire story.  Add to this the bourgeoning sexual tension between Easy and Candice and the intense, non-stop action and this book was truly an unforgettable experience.

Sheena: I love the quippy writing style and teasing between characters. The humour in this is ridiculous and light and all together hilarious.

Abby Craden. I mean do I need to say more than that?

Alright here goes – Craden masterfully manages to deliver the quippy one liners with humour, the simmering lust that sparks between the main characters with sufficient heat and the

Heads Up

Michelle: There are scenes of violence and death, and religious extremism is a theme which some readers may wish to avoid.

Sheena: This series is a SLOW burn romance which is more of a side plot than anything. It takes them three books to get together and in the end it’s sweet and wonderful but this is not going to satisfy the die hard romance addict.

Also worth noting is that both book one and two end of cliff hangers and you will want all three in your library to complete the story in full. Each book is a somewhat complete part of the adventure but it really works best as a trilogy.

The Conclusion

Michelle: Kaplan has written an incredibly humourous, action filled and riveting story that is just 

brimming with adventure!  If you are into treasure hunting rogues with a sharp wit and sexy swagger, then you simply must meet Easy Nevada.

Sheena: I loved it.

It was fun, sexy and hilarious. Kaplan’s one liners are legendary and it was easy to fall in love with the main characters.

Excerpt from Easy Nevada and the Pyramid’s Curse by Georgette Kaplan

Candice walked after her.  “You’re a treasure hunter.”

“I don’t like that term.  I’ve always felt that the real treasure we should be hunting is literacy.  But yes.”  She pulled out a flashlight as they approached the dark pit.

“A grave robber,” Candice accused.  Her guts contracted to ache along with everything else in her body.

“That I like.  Very metal.”  Nevada started down the ladder, flashlight held awkwardly in one hand.

“And you think there’s treasure down there?” Candice asked.  “There isn’t.  There never is.  Any gold or jewels you think you’ll find were probably picked clean by other grave robbers a thousand years ago.”

Nevada stopped to look up at her.  “Not after gold, not after jewels.  Are you coming?”

“Coming?” Candice cried shrilly, feeling an edge of hysteria in her own words.  “What do you want me to help carry the nonexistent loot?”

“I did save your life,” Nevada pointed out.  “But no, I should be able to manage.  I need you because I don’t know exactly what’s down there and you might be able to get me through some of the death traps.

“Death traps?”  Candice stomped down the ladder after her.

“There are no death traps!  No curses!  No treasure!

“Well then you won’t have to worry about me robbing the place.”  When Candice was in the pit beside her, Nevada reached into her backpack and brought out a GoPro camera.  Candice recognized it.  Did she nick my camera?

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Series: The Cushing-Nevada Chronicles

Easy Nevada and the Pyramid’s Curse

Candice Cushing and the Lost Tomb of Cleopatra

You, Me, and the Sunken Treasure

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ISBN number: 9783963240706

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Audiobook Publisher: Tantor audio

Narrator: Abby Craden

Audiobook Length: 6 hours and 42 minutes


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