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52 Best Thawing The Ice Queen Books

Welcome to TLR’s 52 Best Thawing The Ice Queen Books. This list is perfect for readers who love to watch untouchable ice queens thaw or beasts be tamed and ultimately

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Mergers and Acquisitions by A.E. Radley: Audiobook Review

Mergers and Acquisitions by A.E. Radley is a contemporary romance that hits the spot in several different tropes: thawing the ice queen, rich girl/poor girl, age gap, workplace romance, with

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An Overview of Sex In LesFic

Sheena, Tara and Jeannie join forces to give us an overview of sex in lesfic. They talk about: The actual difference between a traditional romance with varying degrees of sex

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31 Books That Made Us Laugh Out Loud

When you need a lighter read then these 31 Books That Made Us Laugh Out Loud are a great place to start. We ranked the books by how many reviewers

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April’s Top 10 Books for 2019

April’s Top 10 Books for 2019 are brought to you by The Lesbian Review. Please note that links in this top 10 list are affiliate and therefore we get a

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Lost at Sea by AE Radley: Book Review

Lost At Sea by A.E. Radley is a romance taking place on one of the world’s most luxurious cruise liners. Annie Peck has to get out of town quickly and

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Going Up by Amanda Radley: Book Review

Going Up by Amanda Radley is a delightful thawing the ice-queen romance. It is also a story about opening your heart and taking a chance on love despite how daunting

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Huntress by AE Radley: Audiobook Review

Huntress by AE Radley was great fun. I listened to this book for the first time via audiobook. It started out as a just throwing it on whenever I got

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Grounded by A.E. Radley: Book Review

Grounded by A.E. Radley is book two in her Flight series. If you haven’t read book one, Flight SQA016, stop right now and go read it! You should never read

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Top 10 Lesbian Mothers In Fiction

This is an awesome list of the Top 10 Lesbian Mothers In Fiction done by author Laina Villeneuve. Last Mother’s day, I tossed out a post about some of my

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