Irish Lead (B)

A main character or strong secondary character who is from Ireland.

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Where We Belong by Fox Brison: Book Review

Where We Belong by Fox Brison is a beguiling tale of personal discovery and how stepping out of your comfort zone can not only be illuminating, but can also lead

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Heart Stopper by RJ Samuel: Book Review

Heart Stopper by RJ Samuel is a medical thriller set in Ireland and featuring a woman of colour. Dr Priya Joseph is a medical researcher and coder working in Galway

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The Year of the Knife by GD Penman: Book Review

The Year Of The Knife by GD Penman was a really intriguing book from the start. I was worried it would be too strange, too confusing with its alternate names

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An Outsider Inside by R J Samuel: Book Review

An Outsider Inside by R J Samuel is the last book I read in 2017 and it also happens to be the very best book I read all year. It’s

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Meet Me in the Middle by Yvonne Heidt: Book Review

Meet Me in the Middle by Yvonne Heidt is a delightful romantic read, with a slight paranormal twist. Aislin O’Shea is many things; a busy veterinarian, one of five O’Shea

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Where The Light Plays by C Fonseca: Book Review

Where The Light Plays by C Fonseca is a story about living your dreams, expressing your passions and creativity in myriad ways. It is also about love between friends, family

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Never-Tied Nora by Cheyenne Blue: Book Review

Never-Tied Nora by Cheyenne Blue is the first book in her Girl Meets Girl series. It’s the erotic lesbian retelling of Romeo and Juliet that you never knew you needed,

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