never-tied-nora-by-cheyenne-blueNever-Tied Nora by Cheyenne Blue is the first book in her Girl Meets Girl series. It’s the erotic lesbian retelling of Romeo and Juliet that you never knew you needed, and because it’s a romance, no one dies!

Nora Kelly is content with her player lifestyle in London, seeing no need for a long-term relationship when there’s so much fun to be had in one-night encounters with beautiful women. All of that changes when a beautiful redhead walks into a pub and Nora just can’t stay away from Geraldine.

But Nora’s big Irish family has a grudge from a couple of generations back that means Kellys and Flannerys can only ever fight and never, ever fall in love. After a whirlwind week of conversation, deep feelings, and incredible sex, the ultimate obstacle comes out: Ger is a Flannery. Can Nora convince Ger that a relationship this special is worth it, no matter what their families have to say?

The Characters

The story is told from Nora’s perspective, so we get to know her best. She’s fun and flirty, happy to show women the best night of their lives, but nothing further. Despite no longer understanding the big deal about their decades-long feud with the Flannerys, Nora loves her family furiously and always shows up when they need her. I loved her willingness to explore her immediate connection with Ger, even though it was so far outside of her usual experience.

We don’t get to know Geraldine nearly as well as Nora, and I wish we knew more. Everything we learn is something that she says to Nora or that Nora observes. Even so, it’s clear that she’s kind and loyal.

The Writing Style

Never-Tied Nora is an erotic romance, but it’s so, so sweet. I typically hate insta-love stories because I don’t believe the “I love you” is earned, but not so with this one. They fall quickly from attraction to infatuation to love, and it’s lovely and fun to see it happen.

The Pros

Insta-love done right, amazing chemistry between the mains, and characters that I loved.

The Cons

This is going to get spoilery, so if that’s a problem, go ahead and skip to the conclusion.

Still with me? I had a huge problem with some of Nora’s big gesture moments as she’s trying to win Ger back. Most specifically, when Nora tracked down Ger’s workplace despite Ger never telling her the name of her employer, made an appointment under a fake name, and showed up in person. It’s somewhat softened from what could have been a menacing act because there’s no question that they love each other, and they do end up together very happily, but it’s such a boundary-crossing moment that it could be triggering for some people.

The Conclusion

Never-Tied Nora is a lovely, satisfying novella. I recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet, sexy way to pass an afternoon.

Excerpt from Never-Tied Nora by Cheyenne Blue

She closed the gap between us. “What if I don’t want that? What if I want you to come home with me?”

My heart skipped in my chest. Was this a test? “No. Friendship. Remember? I’m not here to—”

But my fumbling words were stopped as she lifted our linked hands, removed her fingers, and pressed her lips to my palm. Desire, fierce, and urgent, flared in a hot line connecting my palm to my breasts. My nipples tightened, and it was all I could do not to seize her and put those lips to more delectable uses.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Ger. I’ll see you tomorrow and we can—”

“Have breakfast.”

Her eyes were wide and clear of guile. She wasn’t making this easy for me.


“Coffee then. Whatever you normally have first thing in the morning when you wake.”

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  • ISBN number: 9783955334512
  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

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