Medical Thriller (B)

A story that revolves around something medical like a race to uncover who is selling organs on the black market or stopping a terrorist from letting a disease free in a city.

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Deadly Deception by Cade Brogan: Audiobook Review

Deadly Deception by Cade Brogan is the second book in the Riley Hayes Thriller series. It is a dark and twisty psychological and medical thriller that doubles up on the tension

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Heart Stopper by RJ Samuel: Book Review

Heart Stopper by RJ Samuel is a medical thriller set in Ireland and featuring a woman of colour. Dr Priya Joseph is a medical researcher and coder working in Galway

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Close Enough To Touch by Cade Brogan: Audiobook Review

Close Enough To Touch by Cade Brogan is the first thriller in the Rylee Hayes, homicide detective, series. Mixed race women start dying and Riley gets the case. There is

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