Actress (B)

An actress in any kind of acting.

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Casting Lacey by Elle Spencer: Book Review

Casting Lacey by Elle Spencer is a fake relationship romance featuring TV actresses in Hollywood. Quinn Kincaid has known for a while that she’s a lesbian and she’s ready to

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Goldenseal by Gill McKnight: Audiobook Review

Goldenseal by Gill McKnight is a fun supernatural romance with a mystery twist. Amy returns to her childhood home, Little Dip, to finish the illustration work that her aunt started

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Back to Salem by Alex Marcoux: Book Review

Back to Salem by Alex Marcoux opens in a courtroom for the trial of Rebecca Johnson accused of witchcraft. Daniel is helpless as he watches his wife convicted and sentenced

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Starstruck by Lesley Davis: Book Review

As soon as I heard about it, I couldn’t wait to read Starstruck by Lesley Davis. First of all, it’s a new Lesley Davis book! Playing Passion’s Game is one

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Aspens Stunt by Melissa Grace: Book Review

Aspen’s Stunt by Melissa Grace is an interesting book. The story is fairly simple and quite sweet, the characters are not very layered or complicated and there are a couple

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All That Lies Within by Lynn Ames: Book Review

All that lies within by Lynn Ames is a good read. Ames never writes the same book twice and her characters and plots are well thought out and unique. The

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