Back to Salem by Alex MarcouxBack to Salem by Alex Marcoux opens in a courtroom for the trial of Rebecca Johnson accused of witchcraft.

Daniel is helpless as he watches his wife convicted and sentenced to hang… This is the recurring dream that author Jessica Mercer has been having, and it’s driving her crazy. Her search for answers leads her to uncover her past life as Daniel Johnson in 1692 during the Salem witch trials. Rebecca Johnson is her soulmate and Jessica must find out what happened to her. When the hunt leads to an inconclusive end, she gives up and tries to put the past behind her.

Two years later one of Jessie’s books becomes a movie and playing the lead role is famed acctress Taylor Andrews. Jessie and Taylor begin to spend a lot of time together when Jessie convinces Taylor to try a psychic reading. During the reading Taylor receives this message: “Souls travel in groups. There is a soul that you have been with before, that is in your life. Their intentions are not healthy and this is what is causing danger. The cycle must be broken, and you must release any disappointment, and learn.”

This leads to questions – What is the cycle? And is Taylor really Rebecca?

Real life events start mimicking the wicked plot twists of Jessie’s new movie and she must figure out what the cycle is and break it if she doesn’t want her life to end like it does in her movie.

The Character

Jessica “Jessie” Mercer has the soul of Daniel Johnson. She is a successful writer and is in the process of getting a second book turned into a movie. Because of her strange dreams she opens herself up to Metaphysics, or spiritual and past life experiences.

As Daniel Johnson she was kind and understanding. She loved Rebecca Johnson even though she practiced witchcraft.

Taylor Andrews is a skeptic. She doesn’t believe anything beyond the physical realm but she carries the same big heart of the witch Rebecca.

The relationship between the two is incredibly endearing.

The Writing Style

This book is a mystery/thriller. The writing style is hard to explain. The story is told as if it is in first person, but the perspective changes back and forth a few times within the same scene.

The Pros

This is a really good book. I was not bored once. The storyline was strong and entertaining.

The Cons

The scene would change suddenly without indication or lead in. I was confused once or twice by this as well as the frequent change of perspective between characters.

Disclaimer: Jessie was a man in her past life and a bit of the story reads through his experience. I’m pretty strict about my books and while I don’t hate male characters, I just don’t like a lot of them in the stories I read. But the way I fell in love with Jessie/Daniel’s soul I didn’t care anymore.

Lastly, there was one little tiny itsy bitsy twist at the end that I didn’t care for. If Sheena will let me; this is the face I made after reading it   -___-

The Conclusion

I really did not mind that I was confused occasionally when the book switched scenes or points of view. The story drew me right in. It’s a great mystery with a romance that withstands the test of time. It was interesting and despite the cons it had a charming love story.

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Excerpt from Back to Salem by Alex Marcoux

Jessie had read about out-of-body experiences and recalled that supposedly one could go anyplace they wanted to while out of body. Where would I like to—Before Jessie completed the thought, brightness engulfed her. She felt as if she was traveling at incredible speeds, then somehow landed and was now walking on a mountaintop. It was foggy and she felt as if she was walking in the clouds. She couldn’t see the ground or her feet. There was moisture in the air, but she was not cold.


She turned and saw Taylor running to her. Taylor slowed her pace as she came within a couple feet of Jessie. Her eyes seemed to smile at Jessie, the way she remembered Rebecca’s eyes.

Taylor studied Jessie’s eyes, then her lips, and without warning, Taylor gently placed her lips on Jessie’s. Moments later Taylor backed away. “It’s me, Rebecca.”


“Yes. I want you to know that I know.”

“You know what?”

“About us…about everything. Don’t get frustrated with me, Jessie. I need time and patience. I need lots of patience. I miss you so. Please be patient.”

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  • ISBN number: 978-1-59493-303-5
  • Publisher: Bella Books

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