Fae and Moon Bound by Domina Alexandra: Listing

Less than a year as a newly awakened werewolf and Omega, Bonnie’s life has yet to be boring. Surviving rogue werewolves, ghouls, and a dangerous stalker should make Bonnie feel more confident in surviving the future, but then again, she lets herself be captured to protect her pack and family. One thing Bonnie had not anticipated was being reunited with someone from her past.

Bonnie will have to leave behind her impulsive legacy and go through the ultimate test if she wants to maintain independence. Placing trust in her pack, old connections, and new allies is easier said than done. As Bonnie’s family’s past begins to surface, it will bring her one step closer to a new enemy who has every intention of claiming her. And this enemy doesn’t take “No” for an answer.

With her Alpha mate Rikki, at her side, Bonnie just might make it through this new and very, unwanted nightmare.

But there’s a silver lining Bonnie has yet to see. The unfathomable chaos might be just what she needs to bring her closer than ever to her mate and pack.

  • Title: Fae and Moon Bound
  • Author: Domina Alexandra
  • Release date: 28 April 2023
  • Publisher: Triplicity Publishing, LLC
  • Genre and Tropes: dramatic suspense thriller, supernatural, werewolves, vampires, family drama, first love returns as an enemy, 
  • Series: Claimed Series


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Unfathomable chaos with fangs, claws, and a silver lining.

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