Losing Control by J.J. AriasLosing Control by J.J. Arias is a slow-burn celebrity romance that will leave readers breathless!

Uptight talent agent Adriana Ortiz’s perfectly ordered world is rocked when she is tossed into the turbulent world of superstar, Roxy, an iconic yet rebellious rocker.

The reins of Roxy’s tour are thrust into Adriana’s hands so she packs her bags and begrudgingly hops on the opulent tour bus and joins the tour. The nights are filled with roaring crowds and screaming fans, the days are filled with delicious tension between Adriana and Roxy.

As they tear through cities, the magnetic pull between them becomes undeniable but fears, insecurities, and doing what’s right all stand in their way. Can Roxy finally let someone see the real her? Can Adriana give up control? Is love worth risking everything for?


J.J. Arias has the ability to always grip me from the first page. With Losing Control, I was immediately immersed in the Dominion Talent Agency’s world where money talks and celebrities put on a show!  J.J. Arias is a master of creating multidimensional main characters whose arcs are not only believable but powerful. The dialogue is seamless, quick, and sharp and adds a lot to the story. The back and forth between Roxy and Adriana each time Adriana scolds Roxy is entertaining as are Roxy’s reactions. The world surrounding a superstar singer’s American tour is perfectly detailed and I wish that just once, I can watch Roxy perform!

Pros And My Favourite Parts

I love the circumstances that bring Adriana and Roxy into one another’s orbits. During their first meeting, Adriana firmly puts Roxxxy in her place in such a fantastic way but instead of offending Roxy, it piques her interest. On the surface, they’re complete opposites. Adriana is a prim and proper, workaholic, rule follower and Roxy is a party animal, a womanizer who does whatever she wants. While there is an instant attraction between them from the get-go, Adriana draws a clear line in the sand between them. The close quarters of the tour bus give them ample time to spend together and during that time, Adriana begins to see that Roxy portrays to the world the complete opposite of who she is deep down and I absolutely adored learning who she really is, a sweet, caring, vulnerable woman who is fiercely loyal to those she loves.

I normally struggle with slow burns, however, this story’s super slow burn is so perfectly paced. Adriana and Roxy take time to bridge the gap that’s been formed due to Roxxxy’s poor choices over the years. As they grow closer, it gets harder for them to stay on the right side of the line. Roxy’s romantic side is so sweet and I love how upfront she was with Adriana about her feelings. Adriana’s perfectionism was routinely put to the test by Roxy, and it was so exciting to witness her growing feelings for Roxy.

The supporting characters were fantastic, especially Roxy’s friends who helped give readers glimpses of Roxy’s true self. Adriana’s mom is an absolute hoot and I chucked each time she went out of her way to embarrass her!

Heads Up

None for me.

The Conclusion

Losing Control is a spicy celebrity romance with an absolutely delicious slow burn! Roxy is a spirited megastar singer whose poor choices cause her to require a new agent and tour manager. Adriana is none too happy when she’s thrust into both vacant positions. As time progresses these two women form a bond that is unbreakable and exactly what each woman has been inactively looking for. This story has it all, laughs, romance, steam, and sarcasm. I can’t wait to read the next two books in the series!

Excerpt from Losing Control by J.J. Arias

Black Doc Martens kicked up on Adriana’s desk. Her hair — freshly dyed blonde and brown roots intentionally exposed — was long and wavy over the back of the leather chair positioned in front of Adriana’s pristine desk. Reclined in her jeans and ripped t-shirt, Roxxxy always looked like she’d just stepped offstage at The Dinah. Like a legion of lesbians might maul her at any minute.

At the sound of Adriana opening the glass door, Roxxxy tilted her head back instead of sitting up like a normal person.

With a bright pink lollipop between her straight white teeth, Roxxxy looked at her and smiled. Green eyes bright with mischief, Roxxxy let her gaze drip over Adriana’s body like the honey between her fingers.

Adriana couldn’t stop her skin from warming everywhere Roxxxy’s gaze touched, but she refused to let Roxxxy throw her off-kilter. Everything about Roxxxy’s appearance had been carefully selected to look like an afterthought. To make her look effortlessly sexy. It was manipulative as hell, but it worked. Understanding how the magic trick was done helped dull its effect.

“Get your feet off my desk.” Adriana infused her words with an arctic chill.

Endlessly amused, Roxxxy smiled around the lollipop in her mouth. “Yes, ma’am,” she said in a smooth, sultry voice that made Adriana’s pulse quicken. “I love taking orders.”

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Losing Control

Fighting Control

Relinquishing Control

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