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April Adams ReviewerMy name is April Adams and I am an accountant at a civil service office. Even though I read a wide variety of lesbian fiction, I enjoy mystery and thriller books the most because I love the state of suspense the stories have me in until the end and I find out “who’s done it.”


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Beneath The Waves by Ali Vali: Book Review

Beneath The Waves by Ali Vali is a book about love: love for family, the environment, finding the true, abiding love of a soul-mate and learning the art of loving

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The Outsider by K’Anne Meinel: Book Review

The Outsider by K’Anne Meinel is a story of overcoming insurmountable odds, self-discovery and development, generosity, family life and love. Joy Parker was her parents’ greatest surprise and she brought

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Deaths of Jocasta by JM Redmann: Book Review

Deaths of Jocasta by JM Redmann is the second book in the Micky Knight Mysteries series. Micky Knight is a raw, real and resilient lesbian private investigator, and she has

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Where The Light Plays by C Fonseca: Book Review

Where The Light Plays by C Fonseca is a story about living your dreams, expressing your passions and creativity in myriad ways. It is also about love between friends, family

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