Beneath the Waves by Ali ValiBeneath The Waves by Ali Vali is a book about love: love for family, the environment, finding the true, abiding love of a soul-mate and learning the art of loving and honoring yourself no matter what. Happiness is also emphasized in this book. The author stresses heavily on the fact that happiness comes from doing what makes your soul sing rather than building a life based solely on monetary benefits.

The past, just like the sea, holds secrets and treasures hidden within. Vivien and Kai lead very different lives, however they share two similarities: they both come from powerful families with clear cut responsibilities they are expected to live up to, and they both have the blueprints of their lives carefully mapped out for them. A chance encounter between Vivien and Kai as children alters both of their lives. Was their past spur of the moment meeting destiny or pending disaster? Can both women forgo tradition and their responsibilities to live the lives that they desire? Or will they both bow to familial pressures and expectations at the expense of true happiness?

The Characters

I really enjoyed Kai’s genuine and caring personality. What you see is what you get with her, she isn’t pretentious and she has very down to earth mannerisms and speech. I also love the fact that Kai enjoys a hands on approach to any task she has to accomplish and she’s fiercely independent. Kai uses her powerful influence to make positive changes in the world so that many people would benefit from her endeavors.

I love the bond that Vivien and her brother Franklin share. To her employees and associates, Vivien is well known for her feisty nature, however she reserves her affectionate side for Franklin. Vivien has such a vibrant personality that she keeps hidden under layers of self-doubt and her mistrust of people. I enjoyed watching her shed those layers and grow with each turn of the page.

The Writing Style

The author took me by surprise by taking me on an action packed seafaring journey when I naively assumed that this story would have been about romance alone. The many twists and turns in the plot did not take anything away from the story. In fact, it made the story all the more compelling.

The Pros

I enjoyed the heavy emphasis the author placed on people needing close family ties and unconditional love and support from their family members. In addition, I am pleased that the author added environmental consciousness within the story as well. Many times we tend to disregard the environment and I love the fact that this story will remind us to show some love and care for our environment.

The Cons

I got really annoyed with Vivien’s parents because they placed so much pressure on Vivien and Franklin to conform to what they wanted them to be instead of allowing Vivien and Franklin to live the lives that would bring them true happiness.

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

This book exceeded my expectations and I was captivated by the author’s talented blending of different genres to weave this exquisite story. This book definitely deserves a sequel because these wonderful women both occupy a space in my heart and I would really love to read more about Kai and Vivien’s future adventures. This book will not disappoint you—once you start reading it you will get completely sucked into Kai and Vivien’s world.

Excerpt from Beneath The Waves by Ali Vali

“Gods, let me not screw this up,” Kai Merlin said as she stood naked staring out into the dark waters outside the glass wall in her room, gripping and relaxing her hands. In the distance she could see the patrol vessels that hovered close by, but still far away enough to ensure privacy.

She was at the eve of the day she’d both looked forward to and dreaded. Leaving the safety of home and her parents made her nervous, though not enough to put it off. She wasn’t the first to do this, but she was different, no matter her parents’ efforts to raise her with as normal a childhood as they could. Despite that fact, she was under the microscope of a nation.

“One of these days you’ll make the front page, if you keep this up,” her mother Galen said as she came into view in the reflection, holding up a robe for her.

“Don’t give me that,” she said as she turned around so Galen could tie the robe closed. “Your consort tells me you’re seldom clothed once your day is done, and since you’re the one who taught me the art of skinny-dipping, I believe her.”

“Your mom talks too much.”

“And my mama loves her anyway,” Kai said as she kissed her mama’s forehead before leading her to the sofa behind them. “Will you miss me as much as I will you guys?”

“Don’t make me cry since I promised your mom I wouldn’t embarrass you by blubbering through this whole thing tomorrow. And yes, terribly, if that was a serious question.” Galen rested her head on her shoulder, something Kai remembered doing when she was younger and didn’t top her birthmother by nine inches. “I’m your mother and I miss you when you’re gone thirty minutes, so this should be pure torture.”

“Will I hurt your feelings if I admit how excited I am, even if I’ll miss you?”

“I’d be disappointed if you weren’t,” Galen said as she took her hand.

“So would I,” Hadley, her second mother, said from behind them. “We love you, and not a day will go by that we aren’t here if you need us, but it’s time for you to start down your path.”

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ISBN number: 9781626396104

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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