for-want-of-a-fiend-by-barbara-ann-wrightFor Want Of A Fiend by Barbara Ann Wright is the second book in the series and follows on from The Pyramid Waltz. This is a lesbian fantasy series and will appeal to lovers of both action and fantasy genres.

In the first book we meet Katya a princess charged with the safekeeping of her family and kingdom from a supernatural foe. She falls in love with Starbride, a new courtier with a knack for unraveling secrets.

The second book follows on from the first with Katya and Starbride desperately searching for Maia while dealing with the big ways in which their lives have changed. Free from her fiend Katya feels displaced and powerless. She is struggling to adjust to a world where she has literally no inner demons. On the other hand Starbride is coming to terms with her new responsibilities as princess consort, training to be a pyradistè and the arrival of her mother at court.

However they don’t have the luxury of taking time to adjust to their new lives, the evil that started brewing in The Pyramid Waltz is back and even nastier than before.

The Characters

The stand out character for me was Starbride’s mother, she is deliciously good at getting her way and manages to do it in such a way that you can’t but help admire her.

Starbride is a little flat as a character, she is too good at everything or always right. I find that this makes her boring. Despite this, the story does move along at a good pace and is a fun read.

The Writing Style

The writing is well paced and Wright incorporates a more modern or colloquial language which makes the books easy to read. If you are expecting accurate old-timey dialogue move along, this book is not for you.

The Pros

A fun, unique story with a distinctive world. This series doesn’t imitate other popular fantasy novels. It stands on its own.

The Cons

Two things annoy me about this series. The first is that the covers don’t do the books any justice. These books are awesome lesbian fantasy fiction and the deserve kick-ass covers.

The second is that none of the books clearly mark which title is next in the series, or its own number in the series, I had to read the first couple of pages to work out which book to read after The Pyramid Waltz.

The Conclusion

Overall, For Want of a Fiend was an enjoyable read and I think you would like it if you are a fan of books like Game of Thrones or a TV series like Reign.

Excerpt from For Want Of A Fiend by Barbara Ann Wright

“It’s just…I heard a rumor that she’s back…for the festival.”

Katya’s first thought was of Maia. Her heart seemed to skip in her chest. “Her?”

“Castelle Burenne.”

“Katya’s heart beat again, and it took a moment for the name to filter through the walls she’d built around it. Castelle, she of the soft black curls and eyes like a summer sky, with her quick fingers and light laugh, the woman who’d taught Katya so much about love and life.

The woman who’d broken her heart into pieces.

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