Incident at Elder Creek by Anna FurtadoIncident at Elder Creek by Anna Furtado tells the enigmatic tale of Tucker Stevens returning home to Elder Creek after spending a few years away from the declining mining town. She returned to head a revitalization project to make the town prosperous once more with the goal of turning the town into a lucrative historical tourist attraction.

One night Tucker Stevens finds herself in front of The St. Charles Saloon, disconcerted and bewildered with no recollection of how she got there or why she cannot account for the previous nine hours before she found herself there. She has no clue why she keeps hearing the word “forget.”

Leah Hudson has settled into her new rental home in Yankee Hill Road, she enjoys her job as the high school librarian in Portero and she has made a few friends in Elder Creek. Leah has never met her absent landlord until Tucker turns up by her home and their joint attraction flares immediately. Even though Tucker is unwilling to get involved with Leah, Leah decides to pursue Tucker despite the precarious circumstances that surround them.

As the bond deepens between Tucker and Leah, Tucker grapples with the weird events surrounding her. She is determined to find the answers to recollections from the past with a menacing figure who is out to get her, a missing person and absent padlock key. Tucker needs to solve this puzzle of deception and bizarre events—if she does not, Tucker fears that she could lose her mental stability and Leah.

The Characters

I definitely love the three main characters!

I love the way that Tucker’s mind works. She keeps picking at any clue until she gets answers and she analyzes everything. Even with her analytical mind, she becomes very awkward when she gets emotional and that endeared her to me.

Just like Tucker, I fell head over heels for Leah because I love her confident and assertive nature. She is not afraid to go after what she wants and she boldly voices her opinion about whatever affects her or the people she cares about. Her open, warm and kindhearted personality sucked me right in. I just love Leah.

Now who would not love to have a friend like Jackie? She is the kind of friend many of us would enjoy having. She’s supportive, owns a bar, plays the role of matchmaker and would drop whatever she is doing in a heartbeat to be there for Tucker. I really enjoyed Jackie’s mischievous personality, and her good-natured teasing that is reserved only for Tucker.

The Writing Style

The writing style is easy to follow as the story switches from present to past and back again. The story flows well and the dialogue is easy to follow between the three main characters. In addition, the mystery was laid out in a way that kept me in a state of suspense until the end.

The Pros

I really enjoyed this story because the characters were described so well and their range of emotions were also well written. Both Leah and Tucker faced painful issues in their past and their sheer determination helped them to overcome them and create new beginnings together.

The Cons

An S&M situation was mentioned in a negative way within the story. I am not okay with kink shaming because everyone has unique ways of expressing themselves sexually and kink activity is usually performed by consenting adults. It would be unfair to use one isolated incident to label kink or people who practice kink in an unfavorable way.

The Conclusion

This mystery will take you on a spiraling journey from past to present. It is a beautiful medley of budding attraction, romance and a mind boggling mystery that will keep you anchored to your seat with your eyes riveted to the book.

Excerpt from Incident at Elder Creek by Anna Furtado

Tucker stumbled away from the saloon struggling to stay upright. Her eyes refused to focus. It took several tries, blinking and opening them wide before she made out blurred details as she gazed up and down the street. The town looked deserted, the street dark. She heard a dog bark from a few streets away, piercing the eerie quiet. As she glanced at the bar behind her, she wondered if she dared go back in. Best not to chance it, she thought.

Through the window, she noticed the small nightlight lit behind the long bar, reflecting off the wall mirror mounted behind the liquor shelves. The place looked closed. How did she get through that door? Her spinning head wouldn’t let her puzzle it out. She brushed debris from her shoulders and tried not to lose her balance while taking a few tentative steps. As she made her way down Elder Creek’s empty main street, she tried to pretend nothing was amiss. But something was definitely wrong.

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ISBN number: 9781619293076

Publisher: Regal Crest Enterprises

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Note: I received a free review copy of Incident at Elder Creek by Anna Furtado. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.