Enchanted Autumn by Ursula KleinEnchanted Autumn by Ursula Klein is a spellbinding, slow-burn romance. Set in a mysterious hometown, it’s the perfect cozy read.

The magic of Salem is alive, in more ways than one. Among the supernatural residents of the historic town is Hazel, a small business owner, lifelong local, and witch, and her best friend since childhood, Roxy. Roxy isn’t a witch- but there are perks to having one as a best friend. The two know each other inside and out. There’s nothing that could come between them.

As the season turns toward Fall, Dr. Elizabeth Cowrie arrives to town. It’s the perfect time for her research on the infamous Salem witches. Elizabeth hopes to find a lead for her research, but she doesn’t expect the pull on her heart she’s about to discover.

Hazel and Roxy are both instantly attracted to the beautiful professor. With her gentle demeanor, high intelligence, and endearing charm, it’s no wonder Elizabeth has turned their heads. Getting to know Elizabeth proves that there’s quite a bit in common between the three. Their time together reveals one big problem: Elizabeth doesn’t believe in magic. Despite the spark between them, could Hazel truly be with someone who didn’t believe in her? Would Roxy be a better match? Is their lifelong friendship strong enough to survive conflicts of the heart?

While Hazel and Roxy try to sort things out with Elizabeth, chaos enters town in the form of Hazel’s ex, Camille, a captivating vampire. Camille appears with no notice and while Hazel can’t put her finger on her motives, history would suggest they aren’t pure. Strange things are happening in Salem.

Soon enough, a love spell goes awry. Hazel and Roxy find themselves at odds. Elizabeth, despite not believing in magic at all, is swept up in the spell as well. Is this what brought Camille to town, or is it just a distraction from something more to come?

Hazel is the only one who can break the spell. Her antidote will finally be ready on Halloween and the truths will all come to light. Will the enchanted lovers emerge still enamored, or will it all have been only as real as a dream in the night?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

This book is the perfect cozy read. Klein does a fabulous job of painting a New England autumn. Each time I opened the book I felt like I was in the cool, drizzly town myself. Even though it’s midsummer here, I wanted to wrap myself up in a comfy blanket, burn my fall scented candles, and live in the book with Hazel, Roxy, and Elizabeth.

I also really loved the way the book kept me wondering. I found myself thinking about the story between chapters wondering what a character meant, what they were really up to, and what was going to happen next. It had a sort of contemporary Midsummer Night’s Dream vibe to it that I enjoyed.

Cons And Heads Up


The Conclusion

You should read this book if you’re looking for a mysterious romance that feels like a warm hug. Seriously. Grab a warm cup of coffee or tea, your coziest blanket, and relax into this one.

In Brief

Hazel and Roxy, lifelong friends, find themselves at a crossroads when the realize they’re both interested in the same woman. That crossroads quickly detours when a love potion goes awry and reality becomes muddled. What will happen when the spell wears off?

Excerpt from Enchanted Autumn by Ursula Klein

Think she’s single?” said Hazel, shooting a look at Roxy.

“Oh, believe me, I’ve already asked,” said Roxy, laughing. “Single indeed. But don’t get any ideas. I call dibs.”

“How can you call dibs when you have a love potion in your pocket right now for Alicia?”

“Oh, please. Dibs is non-situational. Plus, you said yourself Alicia probably isn’t interested. And I got the distinct impression that this woman is very interested. In me, I mean.”

Hazel felt a sudden, sharp pang of disappointment tinged with something uglier—jealousy, perhaps? For a second, she even felt some anger. Just once, she wished Roxy wasn’t so ready to jump ahead.

“She looks even better from behind”

“Don’t be crass, Roxy,” said Hazel, forcing a laugh.

Roxy surreptitiously pulled out the velvet bag with the potion in it from her shirt pocket and pressed it into Hazel’s hand as Dr. Cowrie approached them, carrying a large cup of tea.

“Take it,” hissed Roxy, and Hazel quickly slid the packet into her purse. “I don’t need it any more. I have a good feeling about Elizabeth.”

“Hello.” The tall, blond, beautiful Elizabeth put her steaming cup of Earl Grey on the table before sitting down, ever so elegantly, next to Roxy on the squat, orange upholstered settee across from Hazel. She put her hand out. “I’m Elizabeth.”

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ISBN number: 9781636791050

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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