Entanglement by Max EllendaleEntanglement by Max Ellendale is a lesbian romance about finding romance when trying to solve a case.

When small vials of Uranium are left by the bodies of victims, Detective Billie Olsen finds herself contacting physics professor Mira Lewis for advice. The pair spend more and more time together as they try to work out the connection and catch the killer before he strikes again. A friendship ensues, but as they become closer, neither can deny that their relationship is headed somewhere else. But it was never going to be that simple. Billie has serious responsibilities that keep her attention and Mira’s past and her fears won’t let up as they try to find a way to be together.

The Characters

Billie was my hero! She was kind and caring and has spent her whole adult life being responsible, not just for herself, but for others too. And it would never occur to her to resent a minute of it. She has been through the wringer. She’s strong and clever and a steady influence, and exactly the person Mira needs in her life.

Mira was impressive and brilliant, and the most intelligent woman Billie had ever met. But she was prone to hide her brilliance for fear of boring other people. Until Billie came along. Although her professional life was on track, personally she was hurting and terrified. She was confused and torn and needed permission to be herself. Billie gave her that permission.

The Writing Style

Max Ellendale’s storytelling is exquisite. She delves into the feelings of her characters with skill, teasing out their stories slowly and tenderly. Her use of language is beautiful, and her style is immersive.

The Pros

The science behind the case they are working on and the discussions of physics was fascinating. The time and detail given to their growing relationship was one of the highlights of this book. She lets the reader savour the story and the love story. I also loved being re-introduced to characters from the Four Point Universe. This is a standalone, but there is added richness by meeting these old friends again.

The Cons

It wasn’t a con for me, but there is a lot of graphic sex in the book. Maybe more than one would expect for a romance.

The Conclusion

The story is very emotional and tugged at my heartstrings on more than one occasion. It was very, very sexy too. And each sex scene was beautifully written, with passion and tenderness and love. It felt real. By the end I felt that I knew these people as well as they knew themselves. An excellent book and goes on my highly recommended list.

Excerpt from Entanglement by Max Ellendale

“You may have a moment of my office hours tonight beginning at seven.” The woman swung around, and I found myself taking a step backward as if expecting a tirade of reprimand from an old hag. Except she was no old hag. Cradled between the flawless mane of black lay the cold porcelain complexion of a much younger woman. Plump lips painted in crimson stood out against her pale skin and sea-green eyes. She was breathtaking and intimidating all in one. The dress I’d admired from behind covered most of her supple figure, though hugged her in ways that made my cheeks burn with heat. Professors never looked like this when I was in college. What the hell happened?

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