The Pet Boutique by Suzie CarrThe Pet Boutique by Suzie Carr is a sweet romance about overcoming obstacles and finding yourself.

Lexie is in a relationship with Christine. She has her life planned out and right now that includes helping her aunt, Maya, renovate a dilapidated space and turn it into a Pet Boutique. It seems, though, that Christine has other ideas and isn’t as keen on the long term plan as Lexie is.

Taylor is an author who has lost her mojo. After the death of her husband she is finding difficult to write or even just get up in the morning. Maya, her editor and friend, decides and intervention is in order and she enlists Taylor’s help with the renovations.

When Lexie and Maya meet they are drawn together. An adorable dog and an eccentric group of friends and family bring colour to their lives in fun and sometimes unexpected ways.

The question now is will Lexie and Taylor be able to put their hurt aside to forge a new, happy life?

The Characters

Maya and Cashmere, the dog, stole the show. I loved how they seemed to conspire together and bring just the right amount of support when needed.

The Writing Style

Carr’s writing is evolving which is fun to witness.

There are some spectacular phrases in this book which I appreciated. One such example was – Thus began her first trudge through the dreaded land of writer’s block where words piled up like roadkill along the side of a rocky and tumultuous path toward nothing.”

The Pros

My biggest pros were Carr’s character work especially the puppy. You could tell Cashmere was written with a lot of love.

The Cons

Not a huge con but the story meandered a little in some spots, making the read feel longer than it should have. It wasn’t awful and there are readers who do like that kind of journey. I am just one that likes a slightly faster pace.

The Conclusion

Get this book if you like stories about overcoming personal adversity or stories with great side characters. It’s a sweet read and I appreciated the good bisexual representation.

And if you like quirky, adorable flirting with serious dorkiness then there are some fun moments to enjoy.

Excerpt from The Pet Boutique by Suzie Carr

Before they could take a step, the front door opened on a whoosh. In walked Taylor Henshaw, the so-called famous author turned fixer-upper specialist. “That door’s going to need some reinforcements.” She examined the metal frame. “It’s seen better days.”

A small gasp, call it residual shame from her spider web freak out the other day, escaped from Lexie. She swallowed it when Rex snapped a funny gaze her way.

“Ah, she shows.” Auntie Maya crossed her arms over her chest. She glanced at her watch. “Only forty-two minutes and twenty-three seconds late.”

Taylor landed her playful eyes on Lexie. “Imagine if she had a red pen between those fingers?”

Lexie pulled in her bloated stomach from the blueberry muffins that she wolfed down that morning, and a slight buzz filled the space between her temples. Then the heat of a demanding blush burned across her cheeks, right on cue.

Cashmere spotted Taylor and catapulted toward her, ears back, nub wagging, body wiggling. Taylor stooped to her knees and scratched behind her ears. Cashmere bowed her head and enjoyed the attention treat.

When Taylor stood back up, Rex leaped forward and extended his hand. “I’m the runt of the family, Rex. And you are?”

“The only child in my family, Taylor.” She shook his hand like a woman who meant business. No frills. Cut to the chase. Alpha woman in the room who doesn’t take shit from anyone. The vibe spread clear across her golden kissed face, into the lazy tilt of her half-smile, and into the deep pocket of her well-endowed cleavage.

She had presence. Kudos for that. Who wouldn’t with a path extending behind her that included a contract with one of the top American publishers to keep her company?

She suffered writer’s block, her aunt had said.

Not as bad as unemployment, but still distressing. That much Lexie could agree with.

Well, put on your gloves, grab a paintbrush, and smear that roadblock until the walls shine, Lexie thought.

Goldie emerged from the back. She cupped her hands over her mouth. “Oh my goodness. It’s you. I’ve read everything. I still can’t believe you killed off the husband in The Widow Maker’s Journey.” Goldie landed before her. “What are you writing now?”

“My creative mind quit on me,” Taylor said. “It took a long coffee break and refuses to get back to work. That’s why she ordered me here.” She pointed to Auntie Maya who still stood hugging herself.

“By the way, you’re not going to be able to wear those heels around here,” she said to Goldie. Then she glanced at Lexie’s feet. “Nor those sandals. Unless you want a splinter in between those pretty toes.”

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