TLR’s Trick or Treat Reading Challenge: 2023

Get ready to embark on a spooktacular literary adventure. This Halloween, TLR invites you to join us in a thrilling adventure with our Trick or Treat Reading Challenge.

In this challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to explore six unique prompts tucked away in our treat bag, with the goal of completing them all by Halloween.

But fear not, dear reader, for we’ve conjured up a cauldron of book suggestions to help you get started.

So, prepare to unwrap the prompts, delve into the suggested reads, and immerse yourself in a world of stories that will transport you to places both eerie and thrilling. The TLR 2023 Trick or Treat Reading Challenge promises to be a hauntingly good time, filled with literary treats that will satisfy your bookish cravings. Grab your broomstick, light your candle, and let’s embark on this literary escapade together!

Download the Challenge Card Here



How it works:

  1. Download the Challenge Card.
  2. There are six categories in total. Vampires, Horror, Shifter, Witches, Ghosts and Gothic. Find inspiration for the books in our curated list below.
  3. Mark off each one as you read a book in that category.
  4. Happy Halloween 🙂




Forbidden love, eternal passion, and danger are the magic trifecta that make vampire books some of the most popular in sapphic supernatural both thrill and seduce readers.
From our review: “If you are like me and are okay with pushing boundaries while you look for that ever-elusive read that takes you somewhere new then this is worth your time.”
From our review, “Enchanted Autumn by Ursula Klein is a spellbinding, slow-burn romance. Set in a mysterious hometown, it’s the perfect cozy read.”
From our review: “Dark Haven by Brey Willows is an exquisitely written paranormal romance with two strong and intelligent mains and dynamic supporting characters.”



Get ready to be enchanted by some witchy tales. Whether you enjoy cosy romances woven with the spellbinding threads of magic or prefer the darker side of witchcraft there is a sapphic book ready to bewitch you.

From our review: “In Charm’s Way by Lana Harper is a delightful rom-com with three awesome tropes. A small-town bookstore owner, a witch who casts a powerful spell that goes wrong, and a charming stranger who happens to be in town.”
From our review: “The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow is a supernatural thriller set in an alternate history where witchcraft is real but has been outlawed.”
From our review: “Consecrated Ground by Virginia Black is a suspenseful paranormal romance that will leave you breathless.”


Prepare to encounter spectres, haunted houses, and restless spirits, in chilling stories that will haunt your dreams long after you’ve closed the book.
From our review: “Harrington House by J.P. Noether is a sweet short read with a spooky twist.”
From our review: “By the Dark of Her Eyes by Cameron MacElvee is a paranormal thriller with a sexy romance tucked inside.”
From our review: “Ghost Tour by Sue Still is a paranormal tale of eternal love so powerful that it overcomes not only the direst tragedy, but also breaches the barrier between realms and the expanse of time.”


Eerie landscapes and an atmosphere of foreboding await you in these stories of terror blended with psychological suspense.
From our review: ” I just knew that I was going to love this story from the moment I laid eyes on this gorgeous book cover but I didn’t think that I would be totally bewitched by Samara Breger’s stunning and highly entertaining writing.”
From our review: “Where Echoes Die by Courtney Gould is an engrossing young adult sapphic horror, mystery, thriller and suspense novel that kept me up way past my bedtime for several nights in a row.”
From our review: “Wild and Wicked Things by Francesca May is a deliciously dark and witchy sapphic gothic horror and historical fantasy novel that was heavily influenced by The Great Gatsby”


Are you afraid of the dark? Test your cool and imagination with these spine-tingling stories where you’ll confront terrifying entities, explore the unknown, and push the limits of fear.
From our review: “Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant is a horror story that upends the notion mermaids are cute, singing princesses who just want to be a part of our world.”
From our review: “Quiet Village by Eden Darry is a creepy, small town horror with a supernatural element and I loved every word.


From our review: “Extasia by Claire Legrand is a feminist dystopian YA horror novel about the horrors of patriarchal religion, the dangers of isolationism, and the power of sisterhood.”


The eternal fight between the primal and human self is brought front and centre with shifter stories. A shifter’s animal form is a symbol not only of their power but also of gaining full acceptance through embracing their own (or a love interest’s)messy, vulnerable, and flawed aspects.
From our review: “When you’re a teenager, falling in love can be frightening and Monstersona by Chloe Spencer is a YA, science fiction / horror novel that really puts the fear back into romance!”
From our review: “Eternal Love by Nived is a New Adult, across time, fantasy/romance with a refreshing twist on the shifter trope.”
From our review: “The Serpent of Sparrow Rest by Sally Parker is the first book in Parker’s Mercenary and Seer series. It is a venomous and vengeful fantasy where religions collide in a slithery, serpentine mystery.

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We hope you enjoy TLR’s Trick or Treat Reading Challenge and find a ton of awesome reads to stretch your imagination and bring some spooky delight into your life.