Eternal Love by NivedEternal Love by Nived is a New Adult, across time, fantasy/romance with a refreshing twist on the shifter trope.

Devin has a tragic past, but even with the loss of her parents at an early age, she has grown up surrounded by love and loyalty. At the age of 24, she is already an astute businesswoman and her drive, talent and passion for the arts promises much success once she graduates college. Her personal life however, doesn’t get much attention apart from her recurring dreams of a mysterious woman with the eyes of a tiger and a dangerous aura. Jaded from a past relationship, Devin remains content to spend her time with her best friends Sonny and Amethyst and avoid the distractions of dating. That is, until she runs into Amirah.

Amirah is new to the school and looking for friends. She fits in perfectly with Sonny and Amethyst and while she and Devin get off to a rocky start, the more time they spend together the stronger the attraction between them grows. However, Amirah is in a long-term relationship with the moody and controlling Todd, and Devin is unsure what her intentions truly are. Still, she is inexplicably and irresistibly drawn to her.

With Devin’s 25th birthday fast approaching, mysterious revelations about her past begin to surface causing her to question everything down to her very identity. She embarks on a journey of self discovery that leads her down a path where not only the past and present are connected, but her dreams and the history of another world combine to weave a story of true love and ultimate betrayal. Can Devin find the strength to right the wrongs of the past, embrace forgiveness and claim her rightful place in the universe?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

I thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing take on the shifter fantasy. The intricate and vivid world building and such an intriguing blend of fantasy and science fiction elements had me entirely ensnared. There are so many different elements in this book from dreams, past lives, chimeras, spirituality, and portals to other worlds, that it could easily become disjointed. Yet Nived weaves them all together into a beautiful and coherent story.

The characters are all well developed, relatable and charming. The dynamic between them is engaging and how they are all connected is incredible. The relationship that develops between Devin and Amirah has been aeons in the making, and its culmination is so satisfying and heartwarming.

Cons And Heads Up

While I was enraptured by the premise of the book, I did find that the writing gets a little muddled from time to time and the pacing is somewhat unbalanced. Another round of editing could push this book to astounding heights because the concept and characters are just so incredible.

Readers may find some of the relationship dynamics troubling. The biggest warning is for the presence of a controlling and abusive relationship between Amirah and Todd. There is also a period where the main characters are in a polyamorous relationship with another, which in the context of the story fits well, though some may not favour this type of dynamic.

The Conclusion

If you are looking for a different kind of shifter novel; one that incorporates a vast array of speculative fiction elements with an endearing cast and a vibrant world, well, look no further. Eternal Love is a fresh New Adult love story that runs the gamut of speculative fiction sub genres but with a heavy focus on romance. Luscious world building, engaging characters and complex dynamics make for an incredible tale and there are some very steamy sex scenes to boot!

Excerpt from Eternal Love by Lived

This lush green grass always felt so soft and cool between my toes, while a warm breeze wrapped my in the sweet scent from the ocean of bluebells that surrounded me. I felt so free and alive. I truly felt completely at home. In my mind, I knew this was only a dream soon to become a nightmare my mind feels the need to haunt me with.

On cue, I saw the storm clouds begin to roll in, dark and full. The bluebells began to glow around me before closing their petals and depriving me of their calming scent. I told myself that this time, this dream, and this nightmare, I won’t get up and run to her.

At the edge of the woods, I saw her as she began running toward me, and in my mind, I knew this was a setup, but my body reacted to her like metal to a magnet, and I was up on my feet. This time I didn’t run. I just stood there and let pride keep my feet grounded, but then my feet started moving in her direction, one step at a time. Soon I would be chained and feel betrayed, but why, and why could I never see who she is? Why was this a reoccurring dream that I can’t understand and I never see her face?

The rain began to heavily pour down as I started running while pulling out an arrow, steadying my bow, but before I was captured, I was woken up by a huge paw on my face. Liam always knew when I needed to be rescued from myself. He woke me for the bathroom like this every time he has to go, but I swear this dog has to use the bathroom more than a toddler.

I moved he’s huge paw from my forehead while trying to focus my eyes in the darkness of the room. While I was drenched in sweat, my heart was beating like it’s ready to jump out of my chest, but all I could do was smile at him as he turned to me with his big majestic eyes. His eyes are a combination of blue, gold, and red, like specially made marbles that could change to more of one color or another, depending on how he was feeling and what he needed. Guess it’s time for me to get up and let him out.

I’ve been calling her tiger eyes since I can remember, plus I’ve never seen anything but her hazel eyes change to tiger eyes, so the name stuck with me since I was eleven. I felt like today would be a very trying day as I moved slowly through my thoughts of the past and the details of my dream, but I got up and threw on some shorts before heading into the bathroom.

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ISBN number: 9781662409332

Publisher: Indie Author / Page Publishing, Inc.

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