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Of Socialites and Prizefights by Arden Powell: Book Review

From our review: "The butch, femme romance blossoms quickly and with a lot of heat but the author makes their relationship very believable with deep conversations, when they aren’t tearing each other’s clothes off."

A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing by Amy Allen: Book Review

From our review: "This character driven piece has a load of great characters, especially Harper and Esther, and Esther’s college friends who are smart, brave, and super loyal to their sheep in wolf’s clothing"

Moonbreak by Lise MacTague: Book Review

From our review: "The wolven world the author has created is deeply drawn and this book immerses the reader in the struggles of this core group of strong willed and powerful creatures."

In The Roses of Pieria by Anna Burke: Book Review

From our review: "I’m suffering from a serious book hangover right now and I wished that I could have spent more time with Fiadh and Clara because Anna Burke really brought them to life for me."

The Shape-Shifter Series by Jae: Audiobook Review

From our review, "It is clear that Jae invested a cat-load of time developing the lore of the Wrasa and it was definitely time well invested."
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