Reviewed by Erin Hodgson

Married mum of two from New Zealand with a love for reading that surpasses her need for sleep.  Love reading books that are exciting, puzzling, twisty and suspenseful.  Always willing to try new authors and take recommendations, and open to discussion about great books with great people.

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Intersection by Nancy Ann Healy: Book Review

Intersection by Nancy Ann Healy is the first in the Alex And Cassidy series. FBI Agent Alex Toles is assigned to protect the ex-wife and young son of Congressman Christopher

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Cold to the touch by Cari Hunter: Book Review

Cold to the touch by Cari Hunter is the follow up to No Good Reason. In the second book of the Dark Peak series, we return to the world of

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Action Novels (B)Books Fiction (B)Erin's Favourite (B)Friends To Lovers (B)Highly Recommended Books (B)Lesbian (B)Reviews & ListsRomance (B)Sweet Romance (with little angst) (B)Thriller Novels (B)

Asset Management by Annette Mori: Book Review

Asset Management by Annette Mori  is the first book about the women from the Organization. Toni, Sophie and Kim are best friends who work together to take from wealthy bank

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