From A distance by CL HartFrom A Distance by CL Hart is about Kenzie LeGault.

When Kenzie is sent to Mexico with orders to assassinate a target, she is not expecting to see a young University student in her crosshairs.

A moment’s hesitation leaves Kenzie and her target, Cori Evans, on the run from something Kenzie can’t quite identify. All she knows is someone was sent to make sure she completed her mission… and nothing is as it seems.

As Kenzie and Cori run away from Guadalajara, Kenzie cannot know what they are running towards, or why they are running at all.  Through many obstacles and twists and turns along the way, as they learn to trust and rely upon each other their mission becomes simply to survive.

The Characters

Kenzie is bad ass.  She works alone, and has spent years honing her skill as an assassin. Hart starts the book with a whole lot of background on Kenzie’s character, which works well as you immediately get a sense of how difficult it is for her to break her mission and to let Cori in. As you move through the book you get the sense that as you discover more about Kenzie the woman, she too is learning more about herself. For every rule she breaks Kenzie becomes more likeable, and towards the end of the book I was really rooting for her.

Cori is almost a supporting character. You get to know enough that the storyline makes sense, but you ever really get under her skin. Cori is likeable enough, and you get to see her grow sufficiently that she partners up with Kenzie as their getaway progresses, but I was left wanting to know more about her character.

The peripheral characters, including Judge Woodward, are well written, and you get enough about them for the storyline to make sense, and to understand how they all fit together.

The Writing Style

From start to finish this book offers intrigue, suspense and enough to keep you guessing about what is going to happen and when.  Hart does a great job of pacing the storyline, and although you just want to keep turning pages, you’re never wanting for content.

The Pros

Even without a deep understanding of the military/ops and American government/defense departments, the storyline makes sense and Kenzie’s character arc is easy to understand. Loads of suspense and intrigue throughout the book and a touch of romance without making it important to the storyline.

Worthy winner of the 2011 GCLS Literary Award Mystery/Thriller.

The Cons

None.  An easy to read story with lots of page turning suspense.

The Conclusion

If you can cope with a storyline with military/ops/political undertones, this book has just the right amount of suspense, twists and guesswork needed to keep you turning the pages until the end.

A great leading character, and well written supporting characters make this book a great introduction to CL Hart.

Excerpt from From A distance by CL Hart

FBI, CIA, SSA — the initials did not matter to her. She would be performing the same function, but the proposition came with strings attached. She weighed the offer very carefully. More responsibility, less military operations, and it all came with a fat pay raise and a much higher security clearance. Kenzie was ready to jump at it until Kevin made one final statement. He cleared his throat dramatically and then informed her that any perceived benefits would come at a very high cost.

“Your life in the civilian world will come to an end.”

“Meaning?” She looked to Manuck for clarification.

The colonel hesitated for a moment, weighing his words as he studied her face. “Any and all contact with persons not within the unit will cease.”

“Your existence will be terminated — permanently,” Kevin added coldly.

Kenzie glanced from one man to the other, was not sure what to ask, but somehow she knew there would be nothing more forthcoming.

That afternoon the judge received a called from Kenzie, asking if she could meet him for dinner. It had been a while since he had seen her, and when she walked through his door, he could not help but notice the concern creased into her brow. He was surprised when Kenzie brought up the subject of her financial estate. Money was not something she typically discussed. He listened carefully to her words and wishes, and though she had not mentioned anything specific, he suddenly had his suspicions. The mood became happy and light as they made and ate dinner together, and then enjoyed one of their highly competitive games of chess. When Kenzie pulled on her black leather jacket to leave, the dark foreboding feel from earlier in the evening returned. They hugged tightly to one another at the front door and again in the driveway. It was hard for her to leave, but she tried not to show emotion as she climbed onto her motorbike.

With a simple nod, she was gone and the elderly judge stood and watched as Kenzie rode out of sight. Somehow, he knew this good-bye was different. When Kenzie reported to Colonel Manuck the next morning, she handed him all her signed papers, her dog tags and identification. He gave her a new security clearance ID card — with no name and no picture, just a laser scan of her thumbprint. Just like that, Katherine Mackenzie LeGault ceased to exist.

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  • ISBN number: 9781933720753
  • Publisher: Scouting for Daisies Publishing

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