The Wolfs Consort by Max EllendaleThe Wolf’s Consort by Max Ellendale is a tie in to Ellendale’s Legacy series, but it can be read as stand alone.  It is a super sexy paranormal romance that will leave you hot under the collar.

Mack Parker is just the kind of inquisitive and driven reporter that always gets her story, even if it means getting under the skin of some of the local police.  When an explosion at the local hospital occurs, she throws herself into the task of exposing what really happened.  Fortunately, her connections with the police get her exclusive access to the scene.  Unfortunately, there is one officer none too excited about her involvement.  Zara Weston is slightly cantankerous officer who is constantly impeding Mack from getting to the bottom of the story.

Not about to let one ornery and obstinate cop get in the way of an exclusive scoop, Mack decides to try a different tactic.  Her attempts to do some undercover snooping lead to an eerie encounter with a mysterious and dark woman.  But before she can process anything about the encounter, she is interrupted once again by none other than officer Zara Weston.    

If she is going to get anywhere in this investigation, Mack must find a way to avoid the meddlesome officer.  Little does she realize, Zara is only trying to protect her from a dangerous, underground world of vampires and werewolves.  Mack quickly discovers there is more to this story than meets the eye and she is now in it up to her neck. 

The Characters

Mack Parker is the quintessential reporter.  She is wonderfully tenacious and has boatloads of drive and creativity when seeking out the truth.  She is also a self-confessed nerd and doesn’t have much of a social life.  Her backstory is heartbreaking and makes it that much more enjoyable when you see her relationship with Zara bloom.

Zara Weston is a recluse and a little harsh when it comes to interacting with others.  Scarred from the events of her past, she has difficulty trusting and opening herself up to others.  She is a wonderful combination of submissive and strong and I love the fact that her submissive nature doesn’t make her any weaker than the others in the pack.  The combination does however, cause more difficulty for Mack in breaking through the walls she has built.  But it also makes it that much sweeter when they slowly start to crumble, and she lets Mack in. 

The Writing Style

Ellendale has a beautiful writing style that pulls you into the story with its smooth flow, wonderful descriptiveness and great interactions between the characters.  It is a pleasure to read.  I didn’t find this to be an overly fast paced book.  It flows nicely but there isn’t a ton of action.  This isn’t a bad thing at all as the book focuses more on the relationship development between Mack and Zara.  There is a great combination of tension and flirty playfulness in their interactions that keeps you glued to the page.  Ellendale develops some nice chemistry between them and there are some scorching sex scenes.

The Pros

There is a wonderful dynamic between Mack and Zara.  They complement one another perfectly.  And, if you enjoyed the Legacy series, you get to see quite a few characters back in this novel.  I also enjoyed the twist on what it typically means to be a subordinate that you see in many werewolf novels. 

The Cons

Personally, I prefer a little more action in my books, but I still enjoyed the other aspects of the story.  If your preference leans more towards a sizzling were-romance, than you will love this.  It should also be noted that Zara did experience abuse in her past.  It is brought up a few times in the story though not too detailed.

The Conclusion

If you are into the steamier side of werewolf novels, then you definitely want to pick this book up. 

Excerpt from The Wolf’s Consort by Max Ellendale

“Weston,” he called out.  The female officer turned to face us.  “This is Miss Parker.  She’s a reporter at the FC Review.  Giver her an exclusive.”

“Me?”   Her voice deepened with the question.  The moment her eyes fell on me, so green they nearly mirrored the sharpest corner of an emerald, I felt my face heat up as if the sun wrestled its way out from behind the building.  A smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose didn’t do anything to soothe my intimidation.  Cops weren’t supposed to look like her.  Flawless, bronze, and lithe.  They were supposed to be short, stocky, and average.

“Yeah, you.  if anyone’s getting an exclusive on this, it’s our own paper,” Steve said, nodding to her.  “Got a problem with that?”

“She’s nosey.”  Weston gestured at me, a scowl marring her pretty face.  “And the last time I saw her, I arrested her for trespassing at a crime scene.”

“You did not,” I fought back, crossing my arms over my chest.  “I’ve never met you before.”

“It was dark out, Parker.  Don’t get smart.”  Weston folded her arms in the same fashion, her eyebrow lifting in challenge.

“Trust me.  I would’ve remembered that face,” I said, stepping into the dispute.

“Ohhh,” the male cop beside her called out, chuckling.  “This is getting good, boss.”

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Legacy series

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Tie in: The Wolf’s Consort

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  • ISBN number: 9781797508016
  • Publisher: Indie author
  • Max Ellendale Online  

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