Silver Collar by Gill McKnightSilver Collar by Gill McKnight is book 4 in the Garoul Series. This is definitely one of my faves in the series. If you enjoyed Ambereye then you are in for a treat because this is reminiscent of all the delights of that novel with its own unique twist.

In Indigo Moon we met Ren and discovered that she had a sister, Luc. In this book, Luc gets her very own story and it is so much fun that I finished it way too fast.

Luc is the bad apple of the Garoul clan, doing things that others would disapprove of, seemingly feral and violent. In the last book we also discovered that she was sick which is a theme throughout this book. But this is also one of the sweetest, most brilliant romances that you will read.

Emily is convinced that her father’s drowning 20 years before was no accident. In fact she believes that he was murdered by the Garoul clan and she is going to prove it. Armed with an ancient Almanac, a knowledge of hunting and tracking, she tries to trap a lone Garoul who crosses her path.

The Garoul clan is also out to find Luc before she can reign down further destruction with the aim of helping or stopping her if she refuses their help.

But Luc has other plans and when she discovers that she is being hunted by a human she decides to turn the tides and play a game with the beautiful woman.

Stakes are high for Luc when the sickness ravages her body and all that keeps her going is the entertaining game she is playing with this human hunter.

The Characters

McKnight is a genius who was able to take, Luc, a character who I didn’t like and make her one of my absolute favorites. She is quirky and sweet in a weird, selfish way and to see the world from her perspective makes all the difference.

Emily is a brilliant counterpart for Luc. She is not at all the den mother type, but rather a stubborn, strong willed and determined woman, matching the will of a werewolf blow for blow.

The Writing Style

The writing is delicious. The exploration of the characters and the journey that we go on as readers is enticing and perfect and all I can really say is that McKnight towers over many authors with her storytelling prowess.

The Pros

This was one of my absolute faves of the series. A definite must-read for fans of quirky characters, adorable romance and anything with a supernatural twist.

The title is perfect.

The Cons

I am not a huge fan of the covers for this series. It really doesn’t tell me anything much about the story or the nature of it. The font used for the title reminds of horror or vampire lore, more than the witty supernatural romance that this is.

sheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

Not only should you read this book but you should read the entire series. It’s well worth the time and I have no doubt that you will fall in love with the characters. I also think that McKnight’s version of werewolves should be the standard by which all other werewolf novels are measured.

Excerpt from Silver Collar by Gill McKnight

Luc rose to her full height of almost eight feet and sniffed the damp air. It was full of possibilities. All she needed was luck…and some easy careless, half-dead prey. She padded through the undergrowth on her huge clawed feet, crushing everything in her path. Trees swayed and blurred before her. Her ears rang dully, and sweat prickled uncomfortably under her fur. Her tongue lolled from her muzzle, and she used it to wipe her snout clean.

She’d gone barely half a mile and was already exhausted when she smelled it, faint at first through the dampness of the day and the goo in her nostrils. Then the scent came again, fresher, stronger. She staggered on, lengthening her pace, eager now. A small clearing opened up, and there it was, a skinned rabbit, slick and pink in the fine misty rain. It hung from a wire from a cottonwood limb.

Trap. Her mind snapped around the word. She raised her snout to the air. It was useless; she could barely smell the raw flesh, never mind any nearby human. She circled the clearing with leaden feet. She used to be so fast, so clever. She used to be dangerous. Now she was nothing more than a lump of granite thumping through the forest, waiting for the inevitable. If the virus didn’t gut her, the Garouls soon would.

She hunkered down and thought about the rabbit. Her careful examination detected no booby traps or ambush. The immediate area was clear. So the bait itself had to be poisoned, and that confused her. That was not the Garoul way. She shuffled closer, always alert. Nothing happened. Inches from the rabbit, she gave a cautious sniff. Nothing. No poison that she could smell, but could she trust her blunted senses? Her stomach growled; she hadn’t eaten in two days. Even small game managed to elude her in this weakened state. She sniffed again. She poked out her tongue and pressed the tip against the rabbit’s cold, wet flank. Rainwater moistened the flesh. She licked it clean using the flat of her tongue. Poison? She still couldn’t tell. A low growl reverberated in her throat and she lunged. In a flash, her teeth sank into the stringy meat and tore it away from the wire. She swallowed it in one gulp.

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