One Last Stop by Casey McQuistonOne Last Stop by Casey McQuiston is a fantastic and swoon-worthy romantic comedy that made my sapphic heart extremely happy.

August is only twenty-three years old but she is a die-hard cynic and she doesn’t trust anyone. She moved to New York City to prove that she was right all along about magic and love at first sight—those things don’t exist and she is better off with living a solitary life. Nothing in this world can change August’s mind about love and magic because she is a waitress at a 24-hour pancake diner and she lives with a lot of eccentric roommates. Plus, there’s no way that her subway commute would even be exciting because it would just be another boring transportation routine filled with schedule delays and electrical mishaps.

A simple twist of fate brings a gorgeous butch angel into August’s life.

Jane is the witty, endearing, puzzling and stunning kind of girl that August has always dreamed about dating. Jane is rough around the edges but she has a big heart and a tender smile. She shows up in a leather jacket and she turns August’s awful day into one filled with kindness and a hint of magic. Since that day, August looks forward to seeing Jane everyday on the subway but there’s one huge problem—Jane doesn’t just look like she’s totally into the old school rebel girl dress code. Jane has been displaced in time from the 1970’s and August is going to use every skill she has in order to help her.

Can August help Jane without breaking her own heart in the process?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

This delightful new-adult story will always have a special place in my heart because Casey McQuiston made me fall in love with her entertaining writing style and her vivid descriptions of New York City in all of its quirky and messy glory. I’m a huge fan of stories that feature a variety of characters from the LGBTQIA community and I’m not ashamed to admit that I was living my best life when I tagged along with August, Niko, Myla, Wes and Annie while they were throwing awesome parties and doing everything in their power to help Jane. Without a doubt, this novel is definitely a literary treat because this author has skillfully blended a budding romance, witty banter and a mind-blowing time-slip with a dash of magic thrown in for good measure. Plus, I think this book cover is super cute and I can’t stop smiling every time I look at it!

Cons And Heads Up

Zero complaints.

The Conclusion

aprils favourite booksI don’t know about you but I’ve been counting down the days until I could devour every word of this captivating novel. If you’re looking for a beautiful romantic comedy that has flawed and lovable characters, nuggets of important life lessons and a lot of magical moments, then this is the perfect story for you! By the way, have I mentioned that Casey McQuiston has become one of my new favorite authors? Well, she has certainly earned the coffee cup honor several times over and I fully intend to stalk her website for new releases from now on.

Excerpt from One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

She looks up, expecting some scraggly man to match the long legs and ripped jeans in front of her, but instead—


Long Legs is… a girl.

August’s age, maybe older, all devastating cheekbones and jawline and golden-brown skin. Her black hair is short and swoopy and pushed back from her forehead, and she’s quirking an eyebrow at August. There’s a white T-shirt tucked into the ripped jeans and a well-loved black leather jacket settled on her shoulders like she was born in it. The set of her smirk looks like the beginning of a very long story August would tell over drinks if she had any friends.

“Yikes,” she says, gesturing at August’s shirt, where the coffee stain has soaked in and spread, which is the last possible reason August wants this girl to be looking at her boobs.

The hottest girl August has ever seen just took one look at her and said, “Yikes.” That’s it. Today is the day August will finally cry.

Before she can think of anything to say, the girl swings her backpack around, and August watches dumbly as she unfurls a red scarf, shoving down a pack of gum and some vintage-looking headphones.

August can’t believe she thought the hottest girl she’s ever seen was a subway pervert. She can’t believe this tall butch subway angel saw her crying into her coffee tits.

“Here,” the girl says, handing the scarf over. “You seem like you’re going somewhere important, so.” She gestures vaguely at her neck. “Keep it.”

August blinks up at her, standing there looking like the guitarist of an all-girl punk rock band called Time to Give August an Aneurysm.

“You—oh my God, I can’t take your scarf.”

The girl shrugs. “I’ll get another one.”

“But it’s cold.”

“Yeah,” she says, and her smirk tugs into something unreadable, a dimple popping out on one side of her mouth. August wants to die in that dimple. “But I don’t go outside much.”

August stares.

“Look,” the subway angel says. “You can take it, or I can leave it on the seat next to you, and it can get absorbed into the subway ecosystem forever.”

Her eyes are bright and teasing and warm, warm forever-and-ever brown, and August doesn’t know how she could possibly do anything but whatever this girl says.

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