Indigo Moon by Gil McKnightIndigo Moon by Gill McKnight is book 3 in the Garoul Series. In this one we meet Isabelle. She wakes up with no memory of what happened and some awful bruises. She has nightmares about driving to get away and monsters attacking her. When she realizes that she is a strange cabin in the middle of snowy woods she becomes concerned for her well being.

Enter Ren, a dark woman who obviously cares for her but she is secretive and doesn’t seem to want Isabelle poking around. She is elusive with answers and keeps giving Isabelle drinks that make her sleep

In the meantime we catch up with Hope and Godfrey who are hanging out while their spouses are away on business.

Isabelle escapes one day and ends up finding Hope. She doesn’t know what is happening to her but she feels naturally drawn to Hope. Hope knows there is something is terribly wrong with this woman but isn’t sure what or how to help so they decide to take her to Little Dip to see if the rest of the Garoul clan can provide some answers.

But something dark and dangerous is out there too, just waiting to strike and it seems like it’s after Isabelle.

The Characters

As always it was fun to see Hope, Godfrey and of course Tadpole again (from Ambereye). They are adorable characters who you cannot help but love.

I found it difficult to like Isabelle until towards the end of the book when she comes into her own.

I loved the kids we meet on Ren’s farm and enjoyed some of their interplay. For the first time we really meet younger werewolves and that is a treat.

The Writing Style

I found the first quarter of the book to be slower than I would like. Isabelle spends a lot of time being suspicious and I would have probably enjoyed it more if we had answers sooner. Having said that, the pace did pick up and I was glad I kept going.

This was an interesting book in relation to the series because it is quite different from the others. This one reads more like a mystery whereas the others are mostly lighter and funnier. Still, I enjoy the way McKnight writes and this books wasn’t different in that regard.

The Pros

I loved Mouse, one of the young weres. She was an absolute highlight. I also loved the mystery element as it unravelled. It was a fun take on the story and made for a book that was a different kind of read to the others in the series. I liked that this book gave us a break from the usual witty banter and storyline because it gave these character’s their very own feel and meant that the book felt different and not just the same as its, predecessors keeping the series interesting.

The Cons

The first bit of the book was a little slow and I struggled to get into it. But keep going, it is worth it in the end.

The Conclusion

You should absolutely get this book. It can stand alone because most of the main characters are new, but it is a lot better when read in the order of the series. You will get to know some of the side characters in this one and appreciate it all the more.

Excerpt from Indigo Moon by Gill McKnight

She jumped in her seat at the loud crash. Her car rocked violently from side to side and the roof crunched and buckled over her head. She cried out in fright, but the cry died in her throat as something springboard from the roof of the car onto the injured deer, dragging it to the ground. It was a massive beast, red-furred and ferocious. It ripped into the deer’s gaping wound with huge, curled claws. The whitetail exploded, shredded in seconds. Flayed limbs, strips of hide, a severed head, flew off in every direction. The snow became a churning cauldron of crimson. The beast reared upright onto its hind legs; squat and awkward, it flung back its heavy head and howled an unearthly, wavering cry. A howl filled with bloodcurdling triumph and defiance. Then it fell back on the deer’s bloody carcass and gorged on the steaming entrails.

Isabelle was horrified. She gripped the door handle white-knuckled, her other hand squeezing the steering wheel, and sat frozen in disbelief. In less than a millisecond a…a…a rabid bear had just…had just wrecked her car and…Oh God, that poor deer.

A growl rumbled long, low, and very threatening beside her ear. Slowly, she turned her head to meet cold, yellow eyes, filled with sly intelligence. A second creature crouched by her car watching her. It pinned her with a look of calculated malice as it weighed up her strengths and many, many weaknesses. Isabelle’s heart thumped in her throat until she almost choked. Ice water pumped through her veins and numbed her brain, her thoughts froze, her limbs turned into heavy, useless stumps. She couldn’t move, couldn’t think; she couldn’t even blink. The twisted leathery face was inches from hers with only a sheet of glass between them. Thin black lips curled back in a leer, reveling rows of long, pointed teeth. For an elastic moment they regarded each other, unmoving, unblinking, frozen-then the moment snapped.

Fangs flashed against the window, saliva lathered the glass. Isabelle jerked out of her stupor and screamed. She slammed her foot on the accelerator. This was no bear. This was a monster. A monster from budget horror movies and mass-market paperbacks; a monster from her childhood nightmares. The Toyota lurched, tires spinning. The monster flung out a huge clawed hand and shattered the side window, showering her in shards of glass. Her cheek stung with a dozen little abrasions. The side-view mirror was ripped from the door. Isabelle screamed again, scrabbled to release her handbrake, and kept her foot pressed full on the gas. The tires bit and the car shot forward, its back end fishtailing wildly. She has no control over the steering and no care other than fleeing.

The Toyota flew forward in a clean line and rammed straight into the red-furred beast still crouched over its meal. With a sickening thud the beast bowled off the windshield and onto the roadside, a blur of wet, matted fur and blood. The impact slowed her and she nearly stalled. From the corner of her eye she saw the stricken beast writhing in agony. It bellowed with pain and the forest around her reverberated with a multitude of answering howls. Isabelle’s ears burned with the eerie chorus. These two were not alone; there were more creatures out there.

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