Remember Us by Emma Nichols is the second book in the Vincenti Series.

Anna Taylor-Cartwright is riding high on the wings of success because her artistic talent is lauded far and wide. Anna has all of the material things she has ever wanted but her moment of success is tainted by a traumatic event that has the ability to undo all of the progress she has made in her life thus far.

Lauren Vincenti wants to rebuild her health and strength. She also wants to repair the strained relationship she has with her mother. As hard as she tries, nothing seems to go right and she feels as though she is caught in a time warp while everyone else is moving on with their lives. Lauren is stuck in the valley of indecision—would she be able to let go of past hurts and disappointments? Will she be able to manage her family’s vineyard in honor of her father’s final wish?

The Characters

Anna is well on her way to becoming a prominent artist in Paris. She is having a really hard time with accepting the unforeseen circumstances that are threatening the peace of mind she desperately seeks. Anna is determined to be there for her parents and her best friend while she picks up the pieces of her life. My heart went out to Anna because I really don’t know what I would have done if I had to go through the heartbreaking situation she had to endure but what I can say is this—she is such a tower of strength and she will always have a special place in my heart. 

Lauren is trying to recuperate after a horrible ordeal and she also tries to reconnect with her mother and close friends. I have got to hand it to Lauren, she is certainly a resilient woman indeed! She really has to struggle in all areas of her life since her accident and I got so emotional as I followed the painful journey she embarked on in order to regain the life she used to have. Just like Anna, Lauren will always have a special place in my heart.

The Writing Style

The author gave me such vivid descriptions of the angst, confusion, sorrow and joy that resided in the hearts and minds of Anna and Lauren. I just couldn’t get enough of the breath-taking descriptions of Corsica, Paris and London.

The Pros

I really enjoyed reading about Anna’s superb skill as an artist. I also loved the way she came to terms with the turbulent circumstances that surrounded her complicated relationship with Lauren.

The Cons

There was nothing about this story that I did not like.

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

This story made me go through the entire spectrum of emotions as I followed Anna and Lauren’s journey toward reclaiming the intimacy they once shared. I also enjoyed getting sucked into the drama that surrounded Anna and Lauren because their family members and close friends were a combination of awesome and bizarre! I really must hand it to Emma Nichols, she definitely knows how to weave a tale that will keep you hooked on these adorable women, their loved ones and the beautiful places where they put down their roots. 

Excerpt from Remember Us by Emma Nichols

Lauren’s mouth twitched, her eyes fluttered, opened, her hazy gaze locating the sound coming from the side of the bed. Was she dreaming? She opened her eyes wider, blinking to clear her vision. She hadn’t heard the door. “Anna,” she mumbled.

“Hi.” Anna tried to smile, the skin on her face remaining taught, her eyes glassy, and supported by dark rings.

Lauren couldn’t hold her gaze—the excruciating pain—and the instant she looked away the barrier between them grew, wider, taller, and deeper. It’s density providing some distance from the pangs of guilt haunting Lauren, the space allowing for the anger to rise again. The anger gave her power, protected her. She felt stronger with it and levied it indiscriminately. “Hi,” she said with the tone of an inconvenienced stranger.

The absence of any warmth, of any humanity, cut through Anna again. Her legs felt weary, her heart sore, her mind numb. She couldn’t penetrate the walls Lauren seemed to have erected and was beginning to lose the will to try. The woman she knew, the one she had fallen in love with, had vanished in an instant. She didn’t recognize the person now lying in front of her, though she agonized over the familiarity of the brown curls, tanned skin, high cheekbones and dark brown eyes that had once penetrated her soul with such desire. “How are you today?” she asked, hoping, yet knowing the answer would be the same as the previous thirty days, moving them no further forward.

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