The Trip by Robin Alexander is a humorous romantic tour through the mid southern states, home of dangerous Dolly Parton clones and snake infested fishing holes.

Ella Savoy, elderly snark master and her life-long very best friend Anne Jacoby insist that Ella’s long-suffering granddaughter Jill drive them in the Winnebago for one last grand adventure. Along the way they encounter Bigfoot, rock hard big hair and a laptop showcasing the best in modern sex toys.

Jill doesn’t want to leave her accounting job at this crucial time, and Shay has just moved from Utah under mysterious circumstances. But the girls are concerned with Jill’s love life so they con sweet and single Shay into coming along to help Jill overcome her predilection for “trashy” women. Not that that’s matchmaking. They’re just helping.

Will Jill’s dad’s beloved Winnie survive unscathed? Will Shay overcome her instant dislike of the too good looking Jill? Will anyone ever see anything but Ella’s nostrils while facetiming?

This is the journey of a lifetime for all four women as they take The Trip.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

This is a funny love odyssey between Jill and Shay, who initially dislike each other until thrown together in the face of hurricane Ella and Anne. Ironically, facing this adversity helps draw them together until they become a match for the elderly ladies. Their adventures are varied and always hilarious, and their romance is very sweet and satisfying.

Ella, Anne and Jill are very close, which informs every bit of the snark they throw at each other. Anne is Ella’s lifelong best friend of a strength I’ve only witnessed once in my life, and it’s a beautiful thing to see in this book. They have outlived their husbands, but not the rest of their loving family. Anne is also Jill’s other grandmother by proxy, and they love each other deeply as well. This does not keep any of them from hilariously roasting each other at every opportunity.

There are a lot of threats and arguments, but always funny and not mean spirited. I use the word love a lot in describing this book, and that is an emotion that shines through every insult, incident and hilarity.

I like that the author chooses careers for her characters that aren’t glamorous or typical but still make them interesting. I also enjoy the author’s glee in showcasing the silliness of people who take themselves too seriously.

The last two paragraphs of the book are pure gold of the sweetest kind. It made me tear up, but not in a bad way.

Cons And Heads Up

There is nothing I didn’t love about the book; I didn’t even mind the snake. But there are a lot of comical threats of homicide.

There is a description of a past violent domestic incident.

The Conclusion

If you like to laugh at and with characters you come to love, and if you want to bask in their familial and romantic love this is the book for you. The author is a master of situational comedy, and of putting her characters in situations perfect for mining comedy gold.

There aren’t a lot of characters in the book but they are all distinct and full of obvious love for each other. This does not stop them from threatening each other with dire consequences or putting themselves in dangerously funny situations.

Excerpt from The Trip by Robin Alexander

“Maybe you should switch to live bait,” Shay said as she grabbed at something.

“Did you catch me a frog?” Jill asked with a laugh.

“No, but I think this will be better.”

“What the fu—no, Shay!” Jill stumbled backward.

“It’s a little water snake, they aren’t poisonous. I’ll put it on your hook.”

“Game over!” Jill practically screamed as she reeled in her line as fast as she could. “Crazy-ass woman digging snakes outta the mud. Put it back – no, throw it way out into the water.”

Shay waved the snake around as though it was as harmless as a hotdog bun. “I said it isn’t poisonous. I wouldn’t have picked up a cottonmouth.”

“Oh, God…it’s wrapped around your wrist.” Jill turned away, unable to look at it. “There is something seriously wrong with you!” She went through the brush like a bear on crack, and it took Shay a minute or two to catch up with her.

“Um, I should point out that you lost the bet,” Shay said a couple of steps behind Jill.

“You cheated.” Jill waved her arm wildly as she marched on. “You don’t get present someone with a wild animal or reptile when they don’t expect it.”

“I was offering you bait. Hey, face it, you weren’t getting any bites on that smelly stuff you were using. I was helping you.”

Jill shook her head. “No, you ran me off the bank on purpose.”

“How could I possibly have known that Ms. Super Dyke was afraid of a little ol’ water snake?”

Jill whirled around. “Not afraid…sensible.”

Shay pursed her lips and gazed into Jill’s eyes before saying, “Yeah, that’s it.”

“You calling me a chicken?”

“If the feathers fit, but we can settle this right now.” Shay stuffed her hand into the pocket of her shorts. “I’ve got the snake in here, he likes the warmth-hey, where’re you going?”

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