Hot-Line-by-Alison-GreyHot Line by Alison Grey is a rich girl/poor girl erotic novella that stuck with me long after I read it the first time. The two main characters and their tentativeness make the story poignant even when it’s at its steamiest.

Christina works for a phone-sex line, turning into her persona “Chantal” for anyone willing to pay to talk to her. One night, she’s surprised to get a call from a woman, but Linda doesn’t want to talk to Chantal, she wants to talk to Christina. Even more, she has an offer that just might be too good to refuse.

The Characters

Linda is a psychologist and works every day to help other people. Yet, with no family or friends, she’s lonely and reaches out to Christina. Money is no object for Linda as she pursues a connection with Christina, who is working on the sex hotline to make ends meet while she goes to school as a mature student. Neither of them quite knows what they’re doing, and their awkwardness and hesitation brings a realism that isn’t often found in erotic romance.

[tweetthis]“Linda, why are you alone today?” “Because I don’t have anyone.” The caller’s voice broke.[/tweetthis]

The Writing Style

Hot Line is well written. The pacing is good for a novella, and the writing is clean and crisp.

The Pros

A sweet, memorable story with good character work.

The Cons

I don’t say this often, but this story really could have used an epilogue.

The Conclusion

Hot Line is a great little novella. I recommend reading it all in one sitting if you have a free hour or two.

Excerpt from Hot Line by Alison Grey

“Thank you. Whatever your name might be.”

“My name is Chantal.”

“My name is Linda, but I’m fairly sure yours is not Chantal. I understand that you don’t want to tell me your real name, but please don’t lie to me.”

Christina was silent. Then she heard herself say, “Christina.” What are you doing? She’s a customer. She jumped off the bed, plodded over to her desk, and dropped onto the chair. It creaked even more loudly than usual. This was the first and definitely last time she ever revealed her real name to a customer. It was too personal. Now Linda was talking to her, to Christina, instead of a cybersex slave.

“Nice to meet you, Christina.”

Silence. Christina had already said too much.

“I hope I’m not boring you to death because I’m planning to talk to you for a while longer.”

Christina grinned. Who cared what they talked about as long as it was lucrative. “Okay.”

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number: 978-3955330484
  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

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