The Journey Home by KAnne MeinelThe Journey Home by K’Anne Meinel is a story about valuing each moment of your life, love for one’s family, community and nature. It is also a story about embracing and accepting who you really are.

Cassandra Scheimer is facing hard times indeed, she is single-handedly trying to run the family farm during the Great Depression. Cassandra already has enough problems on her plate and the last thing she needs is more mouths to feed. Stephanie Evans is a widow and she is expecting her third child soon. Desperate times call for desperate measures to be taken—Stephanie accepts the help of a generous man who promises to marry her to save her from a life of destitution, however, the unknown man does not keep his promise and he leaves her stranded in an unfamiliar town. Stephanie has so many things to worry about and falling in love with Cassandra is not high on her list of things to be concerned about. Life and love has not been kind to Cassandra because she has been in love with a woman before and she knows that it is highly unlikely to find another woman who is willing to love her back.

World War II, better known as ‘The war to end all wars,’ shakes up Cassandra and Stephanie’s peaceful existence and tests their budding relationship. Cassandra joins the Nursing Corps because she feels terribly guilty that her brother is injured and he cannot serve his country like the other men in their small town. During the years they have been apart, both women have changed in ways that neither Cassandra nor Stephanie could have envisioned. Can they reconcile who they were with who they have become? Will their love be enough to help them conquer the issues they must resolve in order for them to find true happiness with each other?

The Characters

Cassandra ‘Cass’ Scheimer is a farmer and she doubles as a midwife/unofficial doctor for the rural community of Big Woods in Wisconsin. Cassandra works really hard on the farm that her parents and grandparents before her built from the ground up. I just love Cassandra’s generous, helpful, warmhearted and tenacious nature. She will go out of her way to make sure that her loved ones are happy and she gives her services to the community of Big Woods without any qualms.

Stephanie Evans is a widow and she is Cassandra Scheimer’s housekeeper. Stephanie brings a lot of positive changes to the Scheimer farm. I have so many mixed feelings when it comes to Stephanie—I vacillated between disappointment, anger and delight. There were times throughout this story where I just kept shaking my head at the blunders she made but thank goodness she has redeemed herself and now I hold her in a much higher regard than I did previously.

The Writing Style

I really enjoyed the way the author portrayed each character’s deep-seated fears and anxieties. She doesn’t hold back on giving a vivid description of the beautiful landscape of Wisconsin. The dialogue between the characters flowed smoothly and I really enjoyed the way the story progressed without a gap in the storyline.

The Pros

I am always delighted to read stories about women who live off of the land and I really adore women who have a close bond with the animals they take care of. This story provided me with all of that and so much more!

The Cons

I’m just sorry that this story had to end because I got so attached to these wonderful characters.

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

This is such a profound story and declaring that it is awesome would be an understatement. Rarely will a story and its characters affect me so deeply as this one has. I really fell hard for Cassandra and my heart went out to her for all that she had to endure. This story is a story that should be read when you’re cuddled up in bed with your trusty kindle, you’re absolutely sure your calendar is clear and you’ve got nowhere to go. Believe me, once you start reading this heartfelt story you won’t want to stop and you’ll be annoyed that the story had to end!

Excerpt from The Journey Home by K’Anne Meinel

The woman nodded and smiled. It changed her whole face and made it nearly beautiful. She was small, blonde, and the pregnancy was making her very round. Cass expertly guessed her to be about in her fifth month.

“Do you know Mr. Lancaster?” she asked eagerly.

Cass nodded, wondering what in the world this woman wanted with Vince. “Yeah, I know Vince.” Her tone betrayed nothing of how she felt towards the man.

“Have you seen him?” the woman asked tiredly. “He was to meet the train, but business must have held him up.”

“Business?” Cass repeated.

“Yes, he must have been held up. I’m sorry, how rude of me. I’m Stephanie Evans, Mr. Lancaster’s fiancée.” She held out her hand for Cass to shake.

Cass shook it. “You’re engaged to Vince Lancaster?”

Stephanie’s mouth tightened at the incredulous note in Cass’s voice. “Yes, Mr. Lancaster and I’ve corresponded for some time. In fact, he generously sent the tickets for us to come here to live with him. We were to be married today.”

“He know you’re pregnant?” Cass asked bluntly.

Stephanie flushed. It was a word that polite company did not use. Most people would have said “in the family way,” but not this woman who wore men’s clothes and used a knife against a man twice her size. She nodded, “Of course Mr. Lancaster knows I’m with child. I wrote him and told him.”

“He get a sight of you?” Cass asked.

“I sent a picture if that’s what you’re asking.” The smaller woman was getting annoyed at this line of questioning.

“Ma’am, I hate to be the one to tell you, but I don’t think Vince Lancaster is the marrying kind.”

“Why? What do you mean? His letters were most gentlemanly and gallant. He knew of my situation after my husband’s demise and offered his comfort, support, and home to my family and me. I sold my home to come here and be his wife,” she said almost desperately.

Cass’s heart went out to the petite, blonde Stephanie, but she knew of Vince Lancaster, even up in Merrill. His reputation was repulsive. If he had been writing this woman, and she was surprised to hear he could write, it was for no good reason.

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