Finding You by Emma NicholsFinding You by Emma Nichols is the first book in The Vincenti Series. It is a book about finding love even when you are not searching for it and living life on your own terms.

Love can find us anywhere and it usually finds us at the most hectic times of our lives. Love is definitely the last thing Anna is searching for but it finds her despite all of the stress and upheaval that is occurring in her life lately.

Lauren has it all— wealth, a successful career and her family owns a well-known vineyard that produces the grapes that are responsible for some of the best wines on the market. Her family’s reputation has always come first until her father decides to take his own life and Lauren is tasked with trying to keep the family business running while she tries to keep her own career afloat.

Anna is trying to make a name for herself as she walks upon the artistic path her mother has laid down for her. Everything happens for a reason, right? A simple twist of fate brings Lauren and Anna together at a quiet restaurant. Can someone really fall in love from the first moment they have laid eyes on another person? Can Anna trust the passion that is brewing between Lauren and herself?

The Characters

Anna is a budding artist who possesses a unique ability to breathe life into each of the portraits she creates. She is such a sweetheart! I really adore the close bond she shares with her parents and I also love the way she treasures her close friends. Even though she is a darling, Anna has shortcomings and those shortcomings have made her even more endearing to me.

Lauren is a high powered lawyer who thrives on the success of each case she wins. I really admire Lauren’s tenacity because she has to deal with a lot of stressful situations in such a short space of time. My heart really goes out to her because her world is shaken up by loss, heartache and regret. I am also a huge fan of a woman who knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go after it!

The Writing Style

I really appreciated the way the author portrayed the internal struggles of the main characters because I felt as though I was actually experiencing their emotions right along with them. I also enjoyed the witty and effortless dialogue that flowed between the characters.

The Pros

I really enjoyed reading about the vineyard and the wine drinking (I love stories where the characters indulge in a few glasses of delicious wine!) and the beautiful descriptions of the landscapes in London, Paris and Corsica.

The Cons

I felt as though a few of the scenes were rushed because those scenes should have been expanded so that I could have had a deeper understanding of some of the characters.

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

This story started off with a bang and it just kept on going! I got so caught up in Anna and Lauren’s world of beautiful paintings and delicious wine tasting. There is something to be said about a book that stays in your mind even when you are not reading it— that book is awesome, that’s what it is! I just love the air of mystery that surrounds certain aspects of this story and I also enjoyed the fast paced, love at first glance romance between two very talented and kind-hearted women.

Excerpt from Finding You by Emma Nichols

“Thanks Naz.” The soft deep tone, slightly gravelly, pulled Anna instantly out of her reverie. Her eyes flicked open and she sat bolt upright. Clearing her throat, she noticed the tall, elegant woman with dark wavy hair, and dark eyes resting on her. Her breath caught in her throat at the woman’s intense smile.

Even though the woman dressed casually, something in the way she carried herself exuded confidence and stature, and Anna became aware that she had been staring open mouthed. For how long she didn’t know, but heat had risen into her cheeks and she felt a genuine smile penetrate her face as she lowered her eyes.

“Thanks.” The dark eyes shone as she touched the waiter’s arm with familiarity. Anna found herself imagining that tender touch on her arm. She shuddered. Sitting delicately the woman ordered a glass of Livon Friulano in a low, easy voice that sang in Anna’s ears, and vibrated down her spine. Mesmerized, Anna reached for her drink, fumbled, and sent the tall glass tumbling, instantly pulling her out of her indulgent trance.

“Shit!” Standing quickly, flustered and flapping, she tried to avoid the trailing fluid further soaking her already wet trousers. “I’m so sorry,” she apologized, wincing for the second time since entering the restaurant. Wiping herself down with the pristine white table napkin, she became aware of the woman holding back a chuckle. Anna’s eyes locked with the stranger’s, sensing the lightness in her brown eyes, seeing the humor in the situation, she too began to giggle.

“I have been known to do that to myself.” The woman held out her hand, offering her napkin to Anna as she stood and breached the gap between them. “I’m Lauren,” she said, moving closer to shake hands whilst the mopping ensued. “Seems you are absent of a drink. Would you like to join me in a glass of wine?” She touched the waiter on the arm again before Anna could respond. Anna noticed her long, strong fingers, with their surprisingly delicate touch. She struggled to swallow. “Can you make that a bottle of Friulano please Naz. I think we’re going to need it.”

Anna had opened her mouth with every intention of declining the generous offer from the stranger, but her voice had deserted her. She could feel her heart in her throat and the flowery, soapy scent emanating from Lauren had already infiltrated her body in a delightful and unexpected way.

“Anna,” she replied, mustering a quietly controlled voice in a vain attempt not to give away her crumbling internal reality. Who is this woman to have this effect on me? “That’s very kind, but I can’t possibly…”

“No. I insist. It’s no imposition,” Lauren interrupted, with her gentle, yet commanding tone. “You are down a drink and I am down a date, so your company would be most welcome… unless you would rather dine alone of course?” Lauren’s look seemed to question why one might want to eat alone.

Anna could feel the insistent dark brown eyes as if they were caressing her physically, and that smile… there was something lustful about that smile. The sensual warmth, enchanting—entrancing— Anna found herself nodding in acceptance of the offer.

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