Red Tide at Heron Bay by Gerri Hill is a murder/mystery romance set in a small coastal town in Texas.

Lauren Voss has been running her grandmother’s resort, Heron Bay full-time for the past three years. A bad break up convinced her to move from San Diego to the quieter, safer life back in Texas. When the resort in vandalized and disturbing messages are left, local police detective, Harley Shepherd is put on the case.

Harley has fled the big city for the seemingly sedate lifestyle of Rockport. After a tragedy in her life, she’s glad to be in a sleepy village where little crime occurs. Until it does. Is it just vandalism – or is there something more sinister behind the problems at Heron Bay? Although Lauren seems to take an instant dislike to Harley and her gaudy Hawaiian shirts, the pair become friends. Could there be more between them? While the town and resort are in danger it should be the last thing on their minds. Nevertheless, they begin to have feelings for each other.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

I know I’m reading something special when I can’t put a book down. The mystery was full of tension, and as it ramped up the relationship between Lauren and Harley became closer. I was hooked. It was scary in parts and the exquisite prose pulled me right there, into the moment. But it was the characters that intrigued me the most. They had lives and backgrounds that rang true. They had been damaged by the past, but through their connection with each other, they began to heal.

Cons And Heads Up

There is discussion of a serial rapist and also cheating in the past from an off-the-page character.

The Conclusion

Gerri Hill writes wonderful mysteries, and this is no exception. Her stories flow effortlessly and are believable. I became invested in these characters and what they were going through. I felt every fearful moment, and every ounce of passion. Lauren and Harley were brought to life, and I couldn’t leave them until I discovered their fate.

Excerpt from Red Tide at Heron Bay by Gerri Hill

“So your ex is in San Diego—happily married, I believe you said—and she stole your dog. I’m assuming your breakup wasn’t amicable. I’ll also assume that she broke your heart.” She stopped beside her vehicle. “I’ve never broken anyone’s heart. Never had a dog. Never been to San Diego. Never been married.” She shrugged. “So really, all we have in common is we’re charming.” She winked. “And cute.”

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ISBN number: 9781642472820

Publisher: Bella Books

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