Paradox valley by gerri hillParadox Valley by Gerri Hill was a fantastic read. I’m a huge Gerri Hill fan and this novel does not disappoint.

A four second blip on radar at an army base and an earthquake that shakes the residents in Paradox Valley causing all lights and batteries to go out has the army scrambling to find out what is going on.

Was it an earthquake? A meteor? Or something else entirely? 

After the black hawk helicopter disappears, Captain Corey Conaway is sent on a reconnaissance mission.

Dana Ingram has returned to her parents’ farm for a two-week vacation in Paradox Valley, after running from a marriage proposal in Seattle. She is only there for a couple of days before a small earthquake leaves them without power. Cars won’t start, batteries don’t work and cell phones are useless.

On her way to track down the helicopter, Corey comes across Dana and her cousin Butch and enlists their help on her mission.

Together they all ride towards the crash site of the helicopter and what they assume is the landing site of the unidentified blip on the screen.

Unfortunately when they get to their destination whatever “it” is have all of them running to survive.

The Characters

I like Corey Conaway. She is an easy going and a sexy soldier. She is a captain who has lost her team a few months back and she has been brought out of her “special assignment” to find out what’s going on in Paradox Valley. She doesn’t spend the whole book wallowing in sadness which I appreciated. She also shows that even though she is terrified she can be brave.

Dana Ingram is running. Running from her average job and running from the girl she’s kind of just with who has just proposed to her. She hates not knowing anything and is a feisty character.

The Writing Style

I have always loved Gerri Hill’s novels. They have me in suspense and always tell an alluring story.

This is an adventure/thriller with a very small romantic element. Personally I don’t have any quarrels with that.

The Pros

I just thought this was a great book. I love a story that has me scared. I literally was frightened to walk around my house at night or look out my windows. I carried my flashlight and knife with me even though I knew I was being silly.

The Narration

Sheena here – I am going to add to Brooklyn’s review because I have since then listened to this on audiobook. It is a fantastic audiobook and so worth it. The narration was great, Abby Craden did a fab job of narrating this one. – You can get the audiobook here

The Cons

Nothing to say here!

brooklyn's favouritesheena's favouriteThe Conclusion

This is just another great Gerri Hill novel! I feel like every reader should seek out a Gerri Hill book whether it’s this one or any of her others.

I absolutely agree, this is a fantastic audiobook. – Sheena

Excerpt from Paradox Valley by Gerri Hill

Hal couldn’t see what was going on and he took another step closer, but Curtis stopped him with a tight grip on his arm. Dusty was tugging at the door like a man possessed. Hal watched in amazement as Dusty started banging on the door, as if he were knocking, begging to be let inside. One more tug on the door and it flung open, causing Dusty to fall backward against the rocks. Hal’s mouth opened in shock as something—an arm?—reached out and grabbed Dusty, jerking him inside the door as if he were nothing more than a child’s doll.

Carl screamed, a loud, piercing scream that a frightened woman might make. He turned and tried to run but something grabbed his ankle, causing him to fall. Hal instinctively tried to go to him, but Curtis held him back. In a matter of seconds, Carl was dragged inside too, his screams cut off with finality as the door slammed shut.

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Bits and Bobs

  • ISBN number:  9781594934964
  • Publisher: Bella Books
  • Narrator: Abby Craden

Gerri Hill Online 

Note: I received a free review copy of Paradox Valley by Gerri Hill. No money was exchanged for this review. I will always review books as honestly as possible and on occasion I refuse to review books.