The Preacher’s Daughter by KA MollThe Preacher’s Daughter by KA Moll is a second chance romance set in the town of Dallin.

Hunter Morgan is a butch firefighter who came back from her time in the military with emotional scars and PTSD. She used to be a Black Hawk pilot and misses flying but her trauma prevents her from being a pilot. She also carries around the scars of a lost love from her youth. Her first love, Lauren, left her with a broken heart and no desire to try another relationship. Working hard and spending time with friends and family is about all she wants to do now.

Lauren Briscoli works long hours and has built a successful medical practice and never takes time for herself. What would be the point? She has no one in her life who she cares for and work comes first. When her grandmother dies Lauren has to go back to Dallin to handle her grandmother’s affairs.

A fire in Lauren’s hotel sees her and Hunter reunited and their connection is as strong as she remembers it. But there is baggage from the past, baggage from their lives apart and seemingly someone trying to prevent them from being together now. Can they rise against all the odds and make it work this time or will it all be too much for them?


If you are looking for books with positive christian lesbian representation then you have found one. Moll, has a couple of books that tackle just this matter and where faith is a core component of a main character’s life. This is particularly important for folks who feel like they see nothing but negative representation when it comes to the christian faith and the rainbow family.

I enjoyed the group of queer friends that hang out together and help out when needed.

Heads Up

I would read the book rather than listen to the audiobook on this one, it’s not Beresford’s best work.

Note, there is mention of alcohol being used as a coping mechanism and of war trauma.

The Conclusion

If you like dramatic romances with a second chance setting and books that interlink main characters across the series then this is worth looking at. It’s also good for folks wanting positive rep for christian lesbians.

It’s a romance for folks who believe that no matter the odds soulmates can find one another.

Excerpt from The Preacher’s Daughter by KA Moll

“I don’t get why you made me come with you,” Lauren said, scowling her way through the narthex. “I mean, she’s twelve. It’s not like she needs a babysitter.”

“I thought you could show her around,” her dad answered with as much patience as he could muster. “I thought that since you two are about the same age, you might help her to feel comfortable. She’s our new preacher’s daughter, Lauren. I thought maybe, just maybe, you might want to welcome her to our community.” He was the president of the consistory, an elder in the church, and it was his job to get the new minister and his family settled in.

“About the same age,” she repeated with a disrespectful eye roll. “I’m fourteen and she’s twelve. I’m almost a full year ahead of my class academically. And, trust me, being a preacher’s daughter, she’s probably behind. We’ll have nothing in common.” She plopped down in the overstuffed red velvet chair, a gargoyle of sorts, perched at the entrance to the sanctuary. “This is going to be excruciating,” she muttered.

“I think you’ll survive,” Jacob Briscoll responded, pasting a smile on his face as his palm touched the doorknob. “Reverend Morgan,” he greeted, holding the door open. “It’s good to see you again,” he said, shaking his hand. “And you must be Hunter,” he added, shaking her hand as well. “Welcome.” He turned toward Lauren. “This is my daughter, Lauren,” he said proudly. “I thought she and Hunter might enjoy getting acquainted with one another.”

“I’m sure they will,” Ira Morgan responded, saying that it was very thoughtful of Lauren to tag along, and asking if Jacob could direct him to the washroom.

“It’s in the basement,” Jacob responded, saying that it might be easier if he showed him where it was. Stepping away, he glanced over his shoulder. “We’ll be in the consistory room. If you leave, be back by four.” “Okay,” Lauren answered distractedly.

“So, hi,” Hunter said, meeting her gaze gently. Her form was long, her hair was dark and unruly, and her eyes, her enthralling, mind-blowing eyes, were the most gorgeous shade of Nordic blue.

Lauren’s stomach fluttered. “Hi,” she responded, feeling odd, warm, and jittery, like she’d never felt before. “You want to take a walk?” she invited.

“Sure,” Hunter answered, smiling the kind of smile that could light up a room.

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ISBN number: 9781393637134

Publisher: Kam Books

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Narrator: Emily Beresford

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