Lovers of the Unbound Kingdoms- Volume One by Sharon F KayLovers of the Unbound Kingdoms: Volume One by Sharon F Kay is an anthology of erotic, fantasy tales featuring many creative and titillating worlds and scenarios to satisfy your every desire. It is a steamy set of stories perfect for readers who want to explore where fantasy intersects with, well… fantasy.

Jana is a warrior for hire. Unfortunately for her, it’s a bad day to be in this line of work. Halfway through her latest gig her troop marches straight into an ambush. Jana is the sole survivor, though that distinction doesn’t feel like it will last very long. Fortunately, she is rescued by a mysterious, enchanting, and seductive stranger who not only tends to her wounds, but also her other, more primal needs.

Shaedyn is a sorceress more powerful than any that have come before her. But a lifetime of being used for that power has left her broken hearted, untrusting, and very lonely. Queen Ellanora will do anything to save her people, even offer her hand in marriage to the aloof, but seductive sorceress. But how much of herself will she give to convince the hardened sorceress that the risk will be worth the reward?

Dame Ellyn has spent her entire life protecting (and secretly pining for) the flighty but virtuous Princess Amelina. When the princess is lured into a dangerous forest by a tricky Fey, Dame Ellyn once again arrives, sword in hand to save the day. But the close call scares her so much she unleashes the torrent of emotions she has kept pent up for so long. Will Princess Amelina be able to withstand the tide, or will she surrender to Ellyn’s raging desire?

It came to Kistyn in a dream; and she knew she must build it. With it, she is sure to win the title of Hunt Master in this year’s competition and win the bet she’s made with her alluring rival, Lorraine. And winning this bet is a prize far better than gold or any title.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Not only is there a wonderful variety of fantasy settings, but also a vast range of character types (personalities and ages) that keep things spicy and interesting. Oh, and speaking of spicy, the erotic components of the stories run the gamut of sexual dynamics. There really is something here for everyone from passionate hookups with ethereal strangers, to strap-ons with long time crushes, D/s dynamics, and even fisting. Each story is unique and smoking hot.

Cons And Heads Up

No cons here. Erotica steeped in various fantasy elements with zero rape or dubious consent scenes. This anthology is my unicorn!

The Conclusion

Michelle's Favourite BooksThe stories in this anthology put the fantasy back in fantasy and that makes me a very happy reader! It is perfect for fantasy readers that want a little spice in their fiction, or erotica readers looking to expand their horizons.

Excerpt from Lovers of the Unbound Kingdoms: Volume One by Sharon F Kay

When Ellanora finally sat up, she found herself caught in the sorceress’s gaze. Still in the circle of Shaedyn’s arms, Ellanora wanted nothing more in that moment than to lose herself in the sorceress’s bottomless grey eyes. It was still easy to read Shaedyn’s thoughts, and the woman looked lost, afraid of both taking the chance and losing it.

The urge to kiss Shaedyn rose up in Ellanora’s chest. She wanted to be selfish and impulsive. She wanted to make that connection with the sorceress, to claim a small piece of her heart. With nothing left to lose, Ellanora did exactly that.

Taking Shaedyn’s face between her palms Ellanora brought their mouths together. At first Shaedyn did not react, but Ellanora persisted, coaxing a response with the subtle caress of her lips. When Shaedyn parted her lips ever so slightly Ellanora took the invitation and slid her tongue into the other woman’s mouth. Bold where the other woman was shy, Ellanora indulged in the taste of Shaedyn.

Far too soon the kiss ended and they broke apart, breathing hard. The slightly dazed expression on Shaedyn’s face gave Ellanora no small amount of smug satisfaction, like the kiss, proved fleeting and Ellanora was left with the harsh reality of the situation.

“Forgive me, that was improper,” Ellanora said. “I should go.”

But when she moved to stand, Shaedyn’s arms tightened around her, keeping her in place. It was Shaedyn who initiated the second kiss, but after that Ellanora lost track. They were unhurried, tender kisses that made Ellanora forget. All she knew in that moment was that she didn’t want this to end. She pulled Shaedyn closer and deepened their connection. As Shaedyn took them the rest of the way to the floor, she didn’t resist but smiled into the kiss when she felt the hard stone at her back soften into something like a pillow.

The smile was still on her face when Shaedyn pulled away to look down at her.

“I want you,” Shaedyn said.

The mercenary part of Ellanora wanted to tell her that that had been the offer. That all Shaedyn needed to do was agree to the terms and she could have Ellanora. But she knew in her heart that Shaedyn wouldn’t accept that. That it would only confirm Shaedyn’s fears that Ellanora wanted nothing more than to use her. No, what Shaedyn offered her now was a single night. A last chance to leaver her responsibilities behind for just a moment, and enjoy the simple pleasure of another’s touch.

“Yes,” Ellanora said.

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