All I Want for Autumn by Clare LydonAll I Want for Autumn by Clare Lydon is book five in the six book, “I Want” series. The series follows the relationship of Holly and Tori from when they meet at Christmas time, through meeting, dating, family skirmishes and in this installment, the physical and emotional recovery from an accident. This is the most serious book in the series, Holly is recovering from an accident that has left her injured physically, psychologically, and emotionally. She grapples with a new definition of who she is, while Tori struggles with her guilt about the accident and an exciting new job offer. but the love between the two women is so palpable that the story never feels heavy.

The Characters

Holly loves Tori. She’s been a take charge, in control person until her accident stirs up questions about who she is. She grits her teeth every day at her job with a boss who is a jerk, plain and simple. Tori loves Holly. She feels guilty about the accident, guilty about her frustration with how long it’s taking Holly to get back to being “Holly,” and guilty but excited about a new job prospect.

The Writing Style

The story moves right along, with lots of interaction and dialogue between the characters.

The Pros

The author’s familiarity with her characters translates perfectly on the page and makes this reader feel like Holly and Tori are friends. I liked that these stories were quick, fun reads – something I could read at lunch at work or before I go to bed.  There’s also a quick, hot and playful sex scene in this one – so maybe the workplace isn’t the best place to read All I Want for Autumn.

The Cons

There was a little bit of head hopping in the beginning of the story, but it didn’t put me off the story.

The Conclusion

Pick up this British series (all six books are available as of February, 2017) and read Holly and Tori’s story from beginning to end. Each book is like a sweet, little brownie snack bite – yummy and satisfying, but you want more! The author doesn’t disappoint and gives us a sweet look into the early days of a relationship. Holly and Tori’s story put a smile on my face.

Excerpt from All I Want for Autumn by Clare Lydon


“No need to be. You just need to learn to be patient.”

“Not my strong point.” Her physio kept telling her she was doing well, but it wasn’t well enough for Holly.

“I’m aware.”

They stared out at the bare trees in front of them for a few minutes before Tori spoke again.

“I know you’re frustrated with everything, but I want you to heal properly. You can’t rush this, no matter how much you want it.”

“I know.”

“You know what else?”


“We’ve been together nearly a year – it’s two weeks today till our anniversary.” Tori paused. “Remember going up that hill and me telling you I wanted a girlfriend?”

Holly smiled, despite herself. “I remember, how could I forget? And you did that stupid profile on that dating site.”

“If I was doing it now, I’d be using Babe Magnet, wouldn’t I?”

Holly laughed. “You would.” She let Tori put an arm around her, pull her in, shield her from the outside world. It felt good to be held, be loved. No matter what, Holly never doubted that with Tori.

“I feel like we haven’t talked since you’ve been home – you’ve been off in your head, dealing with this,” Tori picked up Holly’s hand and kissed her knuckles. “And I know Gordon’s not making it easy, either, but you have to talk to me, tell me what you’re thinking.”

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