All I Want For Summer by Clare LydonAll I Want for Summer by Clare Lydon is the next instalment in the All I Want series. While the book is part of a series you could pick up this one and read it as its own story, Lydon puts in just enough detail so that you don’t feel lost.

This book takes Holly and Tori to Brighton Pride to help their friend promote their new Lesbian dating app, Babe Magnet. The weekend is fraught with drama as Holly runs into first love that broke her heart at pride seven years ago and the pair have to deal with the realities of camping.

The Characters

Tori is adventurous and is always game to try new things. Holly on the other hand doesn’t seem to cope well with change or being away from home. This often is the cause of conflict between the two in their eight month relationship.

One of the things that I appreciated about this book is that while Holly is the one who usually views life through a lens of trepidation, it’s Tori who lands up having a misadventure in this book.

The Writing Style

The writing style light and easy to read. It’s the kind of book that you can read over a weekend or through a couple of lunch times during the week.

The Pros

While this is a light book it explores Holly and Tori’s relationship and how their personalities clash. However while this could become a downer quickly it does it in fun unexpected way,  creating a roller-coaster ride for the reader hat keeps pushing you to read to the next loop-de-loop.

The Cons

The biggest con in the huge cliff-hanger at the end. OMG, Clare I can’t believe you did that!

The Conclusion

This book reminded me why I hate camping, but it also reminded me why I enjoy this series. It’s charming, light and fun and keeps you reading until you realise you’re at the end. I am super surprised at how this one ended though, much darker than usual. I can’t wait for the next book to see what happened.

Excerpt from All I Want for Summer by Clare Lydon

“I’m not sure you’re going to look on our tent as ‘doing it right’,” Holly replied. “It’s about a third of the size of yours, and I went for the easy option. Apparently you just shake it and it opens automatically. At least that’s what it said on the box.” She got the tent out of its case and shook it.

Nothing happened.

Holly frowned and shook it again. Still nothing. “Damn,” she  said. “I read the instructions and watched it on YouTube, and it looked so easy.” She was trying to ignore the amusement on Trudi and Shauna’s faces.

Tori stepped forward. “Maybe you have to unclip it first?” she took the tent from Holly’s hands , shaking her head. Tori proceeded to unclip it, laid out the ground sheet, then shook the tent loose. It sprung up obediently. “And here was me thing you were the butch one.”

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