All I Want Forever by Clare LydonAll I Want Forever by Clare Lydon is the final chapter in the Holly and Tori story and a must-read for fans of the All I Want series. In this book we join newly engaged Tori in San Fransisco were she has moved to work on the launch of the new lesbian dating app, Babe Magnet, with her long time friend Trudi. Meanwhile Holly is back in London dealing with a career change and trying to plan her and Tori’s wedding by herself.

The new, long distance aspect to their relationship starts to gnaw at the security they thought they had in their relationship, leaving both Holly and Tori wondering if the wedding will indeed happen.

The Characters

Holly and Tori are firm favorites with me, each one has a very distinct character despite going through similar emotions on either side of the Atlantic. In this book we also see that they have both grown, and that they are not making the same mistakes that were made in the previous books. While Tori is headstrong, in this book she demonstrates her love and caring for Holly, and you see her growth and maturity in the way she handles the problems that are thrown at her.

Holly’s character has grown too in this book, in the previous stories Holly was a more happy-go-lucky character and while she still does have that, she is not overly positive all the time as she comes to grips with her future and the choices that she needs to make.

The Writing Style

As with all Clare Lydon books, this one is extremely well written and matches the rest of the series. The story is a light, contemporary, lesbian womens fiction with a little hint of angst (not overly dramatic) that helps to drive the story forward.

The Pros

I loved that we got a conclusion to Holly and Tori story and it is one that I think reader of the series will be happy with.

The Cons

The only downside to this book is that I felt the ending resolved too quickly, however I do think that is just a personal preference.

The Conclusion

This is a definite must-read for lovers of light romances, happy endings, book series and chick lit.

I love that Clare Lydon has brought diversity to the type of romances available in lesbian fiction, through creating lesbian stories in the RomCom genre that are so readily available in hetro books.

Excerpt from All I Want Forever by Clare Lydon

“Here’s to us, and here’s to Babe Magnet,” Trudi said, holding up her glass.

Tori held up her empty hands. “I’m out of booze.”

Trudi gave her a look. “I was just saying to these guys about the power of Babe Magnet. Just think: somewhere out there, there’s probably two lesbians having sex because of us.” Trudi folded her arms across her chest, a satisfied grin on her face.

“If there are, our work here is done,” Tori replied, smiling.

“No! Our work is to get as many lesbians having as much sex as possible.” Trudi paused, clutching her chin. “You think I should change our strapline from ‘meeting like-minded women’?”

Tori shook her head. “I’d stick with what we’ve got.” Trudi pouted.

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  • ISBN number: 9781912019007
  • Publisher: Custard Books

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