Love on a Checklist by Alyson Root book coverLove on a Checklist by Alyson Root is a short and hilarious romance starring the world’s most unlucky hopeful lover.

Kelsey would love nothing more than to have the courage to even speak to Olivia, but the last time she tried just to look at her caused a three stitch injury to her face. Determined to face her fears, so to speak, Kelsey creates a checklist that if followed successfully may end up in a date!


A first person narrative gives the reader a deeper dive into Kelsey’s thoughts and motivations and fears in the little time allowed in this short story. Humor is difficult to maintain, but the author has created the perfect foil for the mayhem caused by attempted wooing of Olivia. Kelsey is self-deprecating enough that her dating fails are uniformly funny, somewhat aided by her dotty aunt Pam.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

First and foremost, this is a very funny story. Kelsey is a wonderful character because we know she’s totally into Olivia, and also has every reason to fear trying to reach out because she’s high on the clumsy self harm spectrum. Despite her high anxiety and aunt Pam’s somewhat wacky attempts to assist, she perseveres. After meeting Olivia the reader can see why people like her so much, which ups the ante on rooting for Kelsey.

Heads Up


The Conclusion

This short story is a quick read about a besotted but clumsy woman who tries to organize her attempted dating strategy by making a checklist on how to speak to and possibly date the woman she has admired from afar.

The story is funny and the characters are very likeable in this entertaining short story about having courage in your infatuation.

Excerpt from Love on a Checklist by Alyson Root

We step into the kitchen and are immediately ushered outside to the deck. I have to say that Pam has done a great job of romancing the place up. There are twinkly lights strung up and candles lit. The table is set beautifully for two. There is even a single rose on Olivia’s side of the table.

Jesus, I should have listened to Pam more often. She’s pretty good at this stuff. I read up on dating etiquette, so I rush over to pull out Olivia’s seat. She smiles and sits. There is soft panpipe music playing which makes me roll my eyes. Not as much as the memory of Pam trying to learn the panpipes.

We sit and make small talk. I’m so happy that I can talk to her now without stuttering or making a fool of myself. Pam serves our food, which is Pasta Alla Something. I don’t ask because Pam won’t leave if I do. Everything is going so well and then it happens.

Olivia has just taken a sip of white wine when the melodic panpipe music suddenly turns to Tibetan throat singing. The shock of the noise causes Olivia to choke and spit her wine all over me. That is quickly followed by Pam running out of the kitchen shrieking with three pigeons flocking around her head.

Tonight is definitely memorable.

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