Vetted Again by K'Anne MeinelVetted Again by K’Anne Meinel is the fifth book in the Vetted Series.

Fiona and Allyssa Herriot are trying their best to work through the numerous issues that keep cropping up in their marriage, the large animal practice and the horse rescue they have on their ranch. Patience is in short supply when Allyssa and Fiona are bombarded with advice and assistance from dear friends, extended family members and “eager to help in any way they can” volunteers.

Nothing is easy or simple for Allyssa and Fiona as they try to run their business as smoothly as possible, take care of the large ranch and the animals under their care and try to carve out enough alone time just for the two of them. In addition to all of their worries, it is the age of technology—social media reigns supreme and it can either give a business a boost or crush it completely, therefore, these dynamic women definitely have their work cut out for them.

Will Allyssa and Fiona be able to cope with their various responsibilities or will the life they’ve created fall apart under the weight of depression, tension and frustration?

The Characters

Fiona Herriot is a veterinarian and she is the proud owner of a large animal practice. She doesn’t do anything halfway because she goes above and beyond the call of duty to serve her beloved community and her clients. I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again—Fiona will always have my heart because she is the kind of woman I’ve been spending the majority of my waking hours daydreaming about. 

Allyssa Herriot is the heart and soul of the Herriot farm and the large animal practice. She works behind the scenes to keep the business flowing and she is always willing to try new things to make life easier for her family and herself. I love everything about Allyssa because she is such a phenomenal woman! Her feisty, quick-witted and fun-loving personality endeared her to me from the first book in this awesome series.

The Writing Style

This author has earned several coffee cup honors from me because she certainly knows how to grab my attention and keep me enthralled throughout the entire novel. Plus, she made this story and the characters realistic without giving me too much information and I’m happy to say that there wasn’t a dull moment in this book.

The Pros

Thanks to my busy schedule, I rarely find the time to enjoy the great outdoors or be around horses and other delightful animals but K’Anne Meinel made me feel as though I was hanging out at the Herriot farm with Allyssa and Fiona and their adorable animals.

The Cons

You won’t get any complaints from me!

aprils favourite booksThe Conclusion

This story will take you through Fiona and Allyssa’s high and low moments as they navigate unforeseen circumstances and the daily struggles that go hand in hand with being married and running a thriving veterinary practice together. If you love stories that feature quirky animals, meddling family members coupled with an unscrupulous character or two, then this is definitely the story for you!

Excerpt from Vetted Again by K’Anne Meinel

Allyssa smiled. Fey was her best friend. She’d never had a friend like her before. She was also her wife, her lover, and in a way, her boss. But she was also more of a partner than Allyssa could have ever imagined. “I swear there is something out there,” she said, sweeping her hand over the fence towards the plains.

“Always is,” Fey agreed, worrying about her wife’s mental and physical well-being. She just didn’t seem as happy about this pregnancy as Fey. Although both women had attempted to conceive at the same time, they hadn’t really believed both would take. “I used to imagine there were ghost horses out there.”

“Ghost horses?”

Fey nodded. “When I was growing up, I swear I saw horses that weren’t there. Even those mountains sometimes make me see things that aren’t there.”

“Are you sure they aren’t there? Maybe the clouds are just hiding them.”

Fey nodded in agreement. “Logically, I know some of the formations aren’t there, yet sometimes, I see things when I look out at them. I see things on the range too.” She gestured to the range. “No bringing any ghost horses home,” she warned her teasingly. She squinted out on the range, a flash of red catching her eye as she turned to her wife.

Allyssa laughed, as she was intended to. She knew Fey was worried about her lack of enthusiasm, but she was afraid of letting Fey down. As she looked in her wife’s brown eyes, she thought about how lucky she was to have met this admirable, brilliant, and beautiful woman. Her wife was not classically beautiful, but she had an aura of self-confidence about her that made Allyssa wish to be a better woman. She smiled and leaned down to kiss her, turning it into a make-out session until they both heard a snort from one of the pens. It was only a horse clearing its nasal passages, but it sounded like a person snorting, “Enough,” and they pulled apart, both pleased with their mutual and impromptu display of affection.

“It’ll be okay. We’ll figure it out,” Fey said softly, brushing Allyssa’s hair back behind her ear. She loved that the younger woman was taller than her. It felt good, it felt right, and she loved this woman very much. She was just concerned how she would cope with everything they had taken on.

“We will,” she said, leaning her head down on Fey’s strong shoulder. They could do anything together and had proven it time and again.

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