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Would you believe me if I said Demigods exist?  That they live amongst us adapting to the times and their surroundings with the help of the teachers.  Charlie Murphy doesn’t believe in anything anymore after surviving a brutal attack that put her in the hospital and left her parents dead.  She keeps to herself while she struggles to forget the nightmare that turned her world upside down.  Until one day, she receives a postcard with a cryptic message.  The past has finally caught up with her and she wants answers.  Instead, she ends up with more questions as she becomes immersed in a dangerous situation. 

Aleyna is born of Fire.  She has no memories of how she came to be.  She has been a captive for the last three years wishing for death to release her.  The only problem, she can’t die.

Charlie and Aleyna’s worlds collide, and they set out to stop the responsible for their pain and loss.  The question is will they survive?

Excerpt:  “Make polite conversation with you?” He snarled as his red eyes peered into the shield.  “Very well, Charlotte Murphy.  How would you like to watch your brother and Reign die?  Slow or fast?  I will allow you to choose, but your death will be the opposite.  You’ll eventually have to sleep, or if you’re stubborn enough, you’ll grow thirsty and hungry.  What will you do then?”

Charlie’s pulse skyrocketed at his words, and she hoped it wouldn’t come to that.  She couldn’t let it.  “Oh, so we’re playing that game,” she shrugged.  “You don’t want to play I spy or twenty questions?  You know, you can really get to know a person that way.”
“I’m going to really enjoy killing you,” he assured her.

“Huh, that’s funny.  I was thinking the same thing about you.”


  • Title: Aleyna Demigod Book I: Fire
  • Author: Tauren
  • Release date: 24 January 2023
  • Publisher: Amazon KDP
  • Genre and Tropes: Forbidden love, Good vs Evil
  • Series: Demigod 
  • Available on KU: Yes


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Can a broken mortal defy cosmic law to love a Demigod and survive? 

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