The Most Harmonious Bechloe Friends to Lovers FauxmanceYou Still Make Sense To Me (Your Mess Is Mine) by wherehopelies is The Most Harmonious Bechloe Friends to Lovers Fauxmance.

After supporting Chloe for years through her early twenties, her parents have decided to cut her off. They tell her she has to find a job and figure her adult life out, and they have a point. The first person that comes to mind to turn to is her best friend, Beca.

Beca Mitchell has a pretty sweet setup. She’s in her mid-twenties, she’s come out as bisexual, and best of all, she’s finding success in her dream of producing music in L.A. Having Chloe come to live with her while she figures herself out is like an added bonus.

After a few weeks and one too many glasses of wine, they make a joking post on social media about living together in domestic bliss. However, due to Beca’s heightened fame status and the fact that she’s now seen as an LGBTQ beacon, they’re advised not to reveal their queer relationship as a fake one.

That should be the weirdest thing – but what’s even weirder is that none of their friends seem to question them. And the weirdest thing? They both might like being fiancées more than they probably should…


In spite of the implausibility of the situation (as with most fauxmances, in a way), the author spins this tale in such a believable way. In Beca, you have a character who is emotionally closed off to almost everyone except for Chloe, and in Chloe, you have a character who loves all of those grumpy, closed-off aspects of Beca that make her who she is. In spite of being such opposite personalities, you’re left with no doubt of how strong and adorable their friendship is.

Much like Beca and Chloe, you won’t be able to tell where their friendship ends and their love story begins.


Not a single one.


Chloe and Beca are two people who have spent a lot of formative time together – their college years. Prior to this fic, they’ve experienced each other’s highs and lows as they’ve discovered who they are and what they want.

The author perfectly manages to capture two women who have been friends for years. The reader immediately gets the sense that these characters have known and loved one another for a long time as we settle into an easy, familiar relationship from the start.

Even though this fic is canon compliant for the first two Pitch Perfect movies, it can absolutely be read without watching them. It’s a perfect pick me up for anyone looking for a relatively short read to end with a smile on their face.

Excerpt from The Most Harmonious Bechloe Friends to Lovers Fauxmance

You Still Make Sense To Me (Your Mess Is Mine)

They’re halfway through the movie and their second bottle of wine. They’d migrated to the couch about twenty minutes into the movie and now their empty plates sit on the coffee table. Chloe has her head in Beca’s lap and Beca taps the fingers of one of her hands on Chloe’s collarbones to the music playing in the movie. Chloe plays with Beca’s other hand, twisting her ring around and around.

“So this is kind of weird, isn’t it?” Beca says over the movie.

Chloe snaps her eyes up to Beca’s face. “What is?”

“We’re like, old.” Beca scrunches her face up, clearly displeased by the thought.

Chloe grins, wine-drunk and content. “We’re not that old. And whatever, you’re what, twenty-four? That’s not old, Becs.”

Beca just smirks, tapping at Chloe’s forehead with her free hand. “Okay, but we’re like domestic and shit.” She smiles, barking out a short laugh. “We’re like, married.”

“Married?” Chloe wonders if maybe Beca is drunker than she thought.

“Yeah. Like you go to work and come home and I make you dinner and then we cuddle up on the couch with our wine and watch movies.” Beca laughs again and Chloe feels her body shake with it. “We’re fucking married.”

Chloe giggles. “If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it,” she says, slipping the ring off Beca’s finger and sliding it over her own.

Beca snorts. “Or at least made it Facebook official.”

Chloe grins. “There’s still time.” She grabs Beca’s phone off the coffee table.

“Hey!” Beca reaches for the phone. “No!”

She sits up, moving away from Beca, the wine making her cheeks flush warmly. “Make me!”

“Chloe!” Beca whines, playfully kicking at Chloe with her foot. Chloe just sticks out her tongue, pulling up Facebook on Beca’s phone. “Oh, really mature. I take it back, you’re actually five.”

Chloe’s body shakes with laughter and Beca is giggling (she must be drunk, Chloe thinks, because Beca does not giggle), but has stopped reaching for her phone. Chloe navigates through the pages and a few clicks later, she’s finished. She feels her own phone buzz with a notification and she pulls it out of her pocket.

She accepts the relationship change easily and then it’s done.

“There!” She grins at Beca. “We’re officially engaged, Ms. Mitchell.”

“If you didn’t Instagram and Tweet it, though, did it really happen?” Beca asks sarcastically.

Chloe’s eyes widen. “You’re so right.”

“No, I’m kidding, Chlo. Chloe!” Beca tries to hide her face, but Chloe has already leaned up against her and snapped a picture. Chloe’s grinning at the camera, but Beca is laughing down at her and it’s actually probably the cutest picture they’ve ever taken. Which isn’t that surprising. Beca always pretends to be grumpy when Chloe wants to take selfies.

“This is cute,” Chloe says, quickly choosing a filter and uploading it on Instagram. She links it to Twitter and hands Beca her phone back. “Now it’s official.”

Beca rolls her eyes. “Oh my God, you’re so dumb.” Then she grins again. “Whatever, maybe our friends will send us engagement gifts. Then we can get that espresso machine.” Her eyes glaze over at the thought.

Chloe snorts. “Okay, you just work on getting me my ring.” She wiggles her hand in the air.

“I’ll look into it,” Beca nods, taking on a faux air of seriousness. They both erupt into laughter, grinning at each other. Chloe can’t remember feeling this happy in a really long time, maybe since graduation.

She lays her head back down on Beca’s lap, pressing a smile into Beca’s legs.

In seconds, Beca’s fingers return to tapping at her forehead, and Chloe brings her attention back to the movie on the screen.

She doesn’t remember the end of the movie, just the tapping of Beca’s fingers easing her into a contented sleep.


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Bits And Bobs

Fandom: Bechloe (Beca Mitchell and Chloe Beale from Pitch Perfect)

Length: 31,000 words

Author: wherehopelies

Rating: T

Photo Credit: David Shankbone 

Rating Guide:  G= General, T = Teen and up, M=Mature, E = explicit

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