Learning To Flirt by Kallie MontLearning To Flirt & Learning To Trust by Kallie Mont is a duology set against the background of a small town in Rhode Island where two women, Maggie and Parker, learn that love isn’t lost because of bad experiences, and family isn’t based on blood, it’s based on love.

In Learning To Flirt, Maggie runs the small bookstore in Doveport that has been in her family for generations. A little shy, she doesn’t date that much…mainly not at all. Aside from a secret crush she harbors on a woman who doesn’t see Maggie that way, Maggie doesn’t feel she’s confident enough to talk to someone she likes. And flirting is definitely out of the question. Then one day, a woman who exudes sexuality walks through the front door and throws Maggie off kilter. She starts squeaking when she talks, and absolutely insane knowledge comes out of her mouth. Maggie feels embarrassed and is sure this gorgeous woman thinks she’s a nut job. If only Maggie could get over her own insecurities, maybe she could find something special.

Parker’s entire life blew up when she walked away from her home, job, and longtime girlfriend. On paper, her entire existence looked perfect. But that’s all Parker was doing, existing. When a new job presents itself, she jumps at the chance for a fresh start, determined to find the happiness she lost under the pressure of expectation. Romance isn’t even in the picture, but when she enters the small local bookshop and meets a socially awkward, nervous, yet beautiful and charming, book-store owner, Parker’s reservations about romance go right out the window.

It’ll take a lot for these two women to get together. They progress from friendship, to flirting, to finally getting over their personal hurdles and give the attraction between them a chance. The question is, will they be able to overcome all the obstacles that are still to come?

Learning To Trust by Kallie MontIn Learning To Trust, Maggie and Parker are new… like, brand-spanking-new. But for all of their flirting and butterflies and sexual tension, the universe isn’t done having fun with them just yet. Ex-girlfriends show up out of the blue, dear friends keep interrupting romantic intentions, and one very admant, and pompous father wants Parker back “where she belongs.” Add to the growing fear that Parker might be leaving at year’s end, it’s no wonder Maggie can catch her breath.

Parker’s found the kind of acceptance and love she never knew was possible. She came to Doveport to start over, but it was only supposed to be a stopover not permanent. Now she’s in a relationship with a younger woman, a brand new niece to fawn over, and the kind of found family that everyone wishes they had with their blood family. It’s all Parker ever hoped for but never expected. Soon decisions must be made, big questions must be answered, mainly one: When you find a place, a person and people that make you feel like home, should you really be trying to leave?

Pros And My Favourite Parts

Small town romantic comedies are my jam when I’m looking to escape the drama of my real life, and this was definitely a great escape. Maggie is so sweet, likeable, and entertainingly socially awkward. She spouts off random knowledge that no person would ever know the moment Parker walks into the room. She blushes profusely and is so adorable that I actually giggled a couple of times.

On the flip side, Parker looks like the handsome, intelligent, swagger butch we’d all expect, but she’s so much more. She’s kind, considerate and attentive. Most importantly, she can see past Maggie’s awkwardness to the beautiful, charming woman that so many people love to be around and are very protective of.

It’s so much fun watching them navigate their current situations and flow into the possibility of something more meaningful in Learning to Flirt. It’s even more entertaining in Learning to Trust as they finally start dating only to be thwarted at every turn. But don’t worry, Mont does a great job of giving us the perfect amount of dramedy, heightening expectations, before giving the reader a steamy, sexy love scene that is worthy of two people who’ve been pining for each other for one and a half books.

Cons And Heads Up

The only thing that stood out to me as a con was the Epilogue in Learning To Trust. It was more of a set-up for the next book in the series called Learning To Change, which I’m very much looking forward to. I don’t mind it, but the switch in perspective from Maggie and Parker to Lauren maybe a little jarring for some readers after being inside Parker and Maggie’s heads for so long.

The Conclusion

Romantic comedies are a great genre if you’re looking for a story that is witty, funny, and with very little drama. This little series came along when I was in need of just that, and it definitely filled my heart with joy watching Maggie and Parker’s journey through the fun that is life in order to reach their happily ever after. I urge you to pick this one up for some light-hearted romance and just plain old fun.

Excerpt from Learning To Flirt by Kallie Mont

Lauren caught Maggie’s eye and winked, then started scanning the store. Lauren saw the stranger, confirmed by her eyebrows slowly creeping into her hairline. Then she turned big eyes and an evil grin to Maggie before she rushed over on her stilettos, setting a green tea in front of Maggie and whispering, “Mags, well done. I’m so impressed.”

“Well done?” Maggie squeaked, stealing glances at her stranger as she spoke. “I was a mess.”

Maggie glanced over just in time to make eye contact with her stranger and her heart took off ridiculously fast. She took in deep breaths, reminding herself that she could do this. She was grown. She owned the whole damn place. Her body went aflutter because a woman wore pants really well. Ridiculous.

“Seriously Maggie, I love this for you,” Lauren sipped at her drink, glancing over her shoulder. “She’s older, confident, smart, and clearly a great lay.”

“What?” she squeaked again, not loving this new sound. “How do you know any of that?”

Lauren scoffed. “Let’s see. Between the salt and pepper temples, plus the skin on her hands and face, I’d say she’s mid to late thirties. That gives her at least a decade on you. She’s reading old English and actually seems invested, for some reason. Educated, smart, that’s a good match. She’s wearing biker boots with twill-blend slacks that have clearly been custom tailored. Her jacket is well-worn in but still in great shape, probably regularly treated. That isn’t a short process, so she’s patient. That’s a woman who knows herself. Plus, some people just move like they know how to fuck. Even sitting, she…yeah, it’ll be good for you.”


She just smiled at Maggie, unashamed, and sipped at her smoothie.

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