Equestrian / Horse Breeder (B)

Someone who works with horses, owns a ranch, breeds horses, races or otherwise works with horses.

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Western Blue by Suzie Clarke: Book Review

From our review: “If there’s one thing I really enjoy it’s a good heist, especially the getting the gang together part. Getting this gang of desperate, tough and hard-working women together is a real high point for me”

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Prize Money by Celeste Castro: Book Review

Prize Money by Celeste Castro is a romance set in the high octane world of rodeo and features the slow-burn romance between a barrel racing rodeo queen and an ex-Hollywood

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Seeing By Heart by K.A. Moll: Audiobook Review

Seeing By Heart by K.A. Moll is a contemporary romance between a deeply traumatised and scarred woman and the butch who falls in love with her. The story starts at

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Pas de deux by E.J. Noyes: Book Review

Pas de deux by E.J. Noyes is an enemies-to-lovers romance that shows us how those pesky childhood memories may not be as clear as we thought. And if you can

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Innocent Hearts by Radclyffe: Audiobook Review

Innocent Hearts by Radclyffe is one of my favourite of her novels. I own it as a paperback and when Bold Strokes offered me the audiobook to review I was

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