Western Blue by Suzie ClarkeWestern Blue by Suzie Clarke is a slow burn, gun slinging historical set in the Old West.

Blue has problems with the ranch she inherited, like getting to it with a worn out wagon, and taking care of the wounded woman she encounters along the way. Once she gets there no man will work for her, and the local strongman has it in for her. Thinking outside the box, she calls for qualified women to come and work for her.

While Isabel is grateful for the rescue, she isn’t sure she should stay with Blue. She likes her way too much, and knows from experience it’s not safe to get too close. Before long, she finds herself part of a diverse collection of desperate women who escape the hostile world by working at the ranch.

The outside world doesn’t make it easy on any of them, but love and camaraderie makes all of them stronger than they would be alone.


The author uses a tough time and place in history to put the main characters in some harsh situations. Blue and Isabel and the rest have good skills and bravery, but there are a lot of obstacles to overcome beyond acknowledging and acting on their attraction. I felt very close to all the women by the end of the book, which made their adventures all the more nail biting.

Cliff hanging dangers aside, there are also a lot of important choices all the characters have to make. How they react to threats, and how they decide to treat each other creates a lot of emotion and growth that is a treat to read.

Pros And My Favourite Parts

If there’s one thing I really enjoy it’s a good heist, especially the getting the gang together part. Getting this gang of desperate, tough and hard working women together is a real high point for me. All of the characters are great, even the very bad guys who make the women miserable, because they’re unique and have good motivations. All of them have stories interesting enough to make me wish there was more to read, especially little Gertie.

Though Blue and Isabel are attracted to one another from the jump, the author makes us wait a really long time for them to get cozy. Normally, this would make me a little crazy, but after a while the stalling tactics began to make me laugh a little. The laughs and romantic scenes are well spaced out because most of the book is about the struggle to not just thrive but simply survive. While not overly dramatic, there are a lot of tense and thrilling moments that are a lot of fun.

Heads Up

There is a lot of violence, mostly of the shoot em up variety, and some cold hearted revenge. Can I say it’s a con that the story leaves a lot of room for a sequel? Because either there won’t be one, or I’ll have to wait a long time for it.

The Conclusion

Blue, with her friend and mentor Martha are making a perilous journey to the ranch Blue inherited. When they rescue a wounded Isabel attraction flares quickly, but Isabel is wary of being hurt again for loving a woman. No man in the nearby city will work for Blue, so she turns to a cadre of desperate women to help her build the ranch into a paying property and a home.

There is a lot of action and adventure in this story. Dangers and harsh choices are the order of the day while trying to make the ranch work in the face of opposition, and romance feels just as dangerous to Blue and Isabel. They try hard to resist, but the unforgiving world seems determined to strengthen their loving bond.

Excerpt from Western Blue by Suzie Clarke

Martha dropped beside the figure, inspecting the injury, then reached into the cloth bag and pulled out some items. “You’re going to need stitches, mister. I’ll do the best I can.” She handed Blue a clean rag. “Get me some fresh water from the barrel.”

Blue hurried to the container and wet the cloth, wrung it out, and brought it back. What would the woman do when Martha started to touch her?

Martha wiped the blood from the wound, her hand brushing the woman’s skin. She stopped abruptly. “Oh!”

That didn’t take long!

“You aren’t fooling me,” Martha said. “Anyone with a good eye can see you’re a woman. No sense pretending.”

The woman moaned again. “Sí. Yes. My name is Isabel.”

It’d gone better than Blue imagined. All that worry for nothing. Was it the presence of both of them, or did the woman have no fight left in her? Either way, it was over now. Blue knelt beside Martha. Isabel. A beautiful name. It danced on the air, like her voice.

“Let’s move her and prop her up against the wagon,” Martha said.

“She thinks some ribs are broken.”

“I better look.” Martha began to unbutton Isabel’s shirt once they got her situated.

Isabel lifted her hand and stopped her. “Don’t judge too harshly. I was trying to get through the territory to my uncle’s ranch in California.”

Martha patted her arm. “Don’t you worry about that. I don’t judge a woman the way I do a man.

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ISBN number: 978-1-63679-096-1

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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