Tara has put together a great list of the 10 Best Lesbian Erotic Novels for those of you who like to get a little hot under the collar. And hey, who doesn’t love a good steamy scene every now and then? – Sheena

Sheena loves to tell everyone that I read a lot of erotic fiction, and you know what? I can’t even deny it. I do. But hey! It benefits all of you because I’ve waded through a lot of the erotic romance that lesbian fiction has to offer and these are my top 10.

Also, a friendly word of warning: these books are definitely not safe for work (or maybe your family), so don’t read any of them in a public place! Now what you have been waiting for, the 10 Best Lesbian Erotic Novels.

the-night-off-by-megan-obrienThe Night Off by Meghan O’Brien (Bold Strokes Books)

Emily Parker has a busy life over which she maintains iron-clad control. Raised by drug-addicted parents, she’s used to taking care of the people around her, to the exclusion of her own needs. But not tonight. After years of celibacy, she’s ready to pay for exactly what she wants: to surrender control, by having it taken away.

Having worked as a high-priced escort for years, Nat Swayne not only enjoys her job—she’s damn good at it. Dangerously sexy, she knows precisely how to fulfill the fantasies of women who enjoy her special brand of make-believe—all without ever becoming emotionally involved.

When their night of intense play turns into something more, Emily and Nat can’t help but pursue a connection in the real world. Unfortunately, old habits die hard, and love isn’t always enough.

The Night Off is the first lesbian erotic romance I ever read, and it’s still the best.

If you can handle some fairly intense BDSM play, you’ll probably end up loving Nat and Emily as much as I do.

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The Club by AL BrooksThe Club by A.L. Brooks (Ylva Publishing)

Welcome to The Club—leave your inhibitions and your everyday cares at the door and indulge yourself in an evening of anonymous, no-strings, woman-on-woman action.

For many of the women who visit The Club this is exactly what they are looking for and what they get. For others the emotions run high, and one night of sex can change their lives in ways they couldn’t have imagined. For Lou, her weekly visits to The Club enable her to set aside her shyness and loneliness and feel intimacy, however briefly. For Kath, caring for her mother at home, The Club is a welcome relief from her everyday toil; while Max needs distraction from her troubled relationship, even as she tries to tell herself she isn’t really cheating. Tania and Jacky find an outlet for a tricky block in their sex life. Cassie and Nina, bar staff at The Club, find themselves staying on after hours. And finally, Stephanie, struggling with her sexuality, finds her life changing in so many ways once she plucks up courage to enter.

The lives of these women intersect in ways they don’t realize, and watching over them all is Mandy— the owner, whose own ghosts play a pivotal role in the existence of The Club.

The Club is something between a full-length novel and short story collection, bringing a fresh approach to erotic lesfic. Some characters get the mindless hookup they’re after, and some find the beginning of the path to love.


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jove belle cakeCake by Jove Belle (Ylva Publishing)

Kelly and Elana’s relationship is a recipe for disaster. First, they meet at a wedding, and that never works. Second, Kelly’s older brother is marrying Elana’s ex-lover. And third, Elana is still painfully, undeniably in love with said ex.

When it comes to other people’s lives, Elana Verdad is an expert. As a licensed psychologist and life coach, she helps people overcome obstacles. Her own life, on the other hand, is a disaster. Her lover left her for a man, so she drove over his mailbox accidentally on purpose. Now, not only did the judge take away her driver’s license, he also assigned her to community service at the local women’s prison. In what may be her worst idea ever, Elana decides to crash their wedding.

Kelly Miller may not understand her brother’s rush to marry his girlfriend, but when he asks her to bake his wedding cake, it’s not as if she can refuse. She’s in the catering business after all. At the wedding, she meets a beautiful, complicated, and seriously damaged woman. Although Kelly knows it’s crazy, she’s drawn to her nonetheless.

Despite the reasons they shouldn’t be together, there’s still an undeniable something between them. All they need is a chance to enjoy their slice of the cake.

This novella is smoking hot and features two people who have absolutely no business together, but can’t seem to resist the pull. I can’t wait to see what Jove Belle has next for us in this new series.

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Seasons-of-Love-by-Harper-BlissSeasons of Love by Harper Bliss (LadyLit Publishing)

Alice McAllister is a successful solicitor who likes a quiet, disciplined life. But when her business partner Miranda forces her to take a vacation at her holiday home in Portugal, the presence of Miranda’s daughter Joy turns Alice’s world up-side down.

Despite their age difference, Alice and Joy embark on a fiery holiday romance… until they have to return home to London.

Will Alice be able to forget about Joy and what she has awakened in her? And how can she face Joy’s mother without guilt after such a passionate summer fling?

Harper Bliss writes a lot of erotic romance and I love all of it. Seasons of Love is my favourite, blending several themes including vacation romance, a significant age gap, and a toaster oven story. It does all of these so well and is Bliss at the top of her game.

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Behind The Green Curtain by RIley LaSheaBehind the Green Curtain by Riley LaShea (Self-published)

When Caton’s sleazy boss offers her a position as his wife’s personal assistant, she accepts the job with reservations, certain Jack Halston has ulterior motives.

After meeting Jack’s wife Amelia, though, it’s Caton’s motivations that begin to unravel. As vicious as she is beautiful, Amelia threatens Caton’s position and her sense of decorum.

As the attraction between the two women spirals into a torrid affair, Caton is drawn deeper into Jack and Amelia’s world of privilege and prestige, where everything is at stake and nothing is what it seems.

I’ve never seen an erotic romance use sex as communication as well as Behind the Green Curtain. It’s dark and captivating, and I found myself fascinated as the sex changed while Caton and Amelia grew to know and care for each other. I loved this book so much, I snuck it on our list of 2015 books even though it was published in 2013.

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_a-touch-of-temptation-by-julie-blairA Touch of Temptation by Julie Blair (Bold Strokes Books)

Stanford law graduate Kate Dawson is focused on the future laid out for her—partnership in her family’s law firm and marriage. When she moves to a cabin in the Santa Cruz Mountains to study for the bar exam, crossing paths with her intriguing neighbor leads to a journey of sexual awakening and self-discovery that wasn’t part of the plan.

Landscaper and handsome butch top Chris Brent has a well-deserved reputation as a

considerate lover. Avoiding relationships with all their emotional messiness, she indulges in her favorite pastime at sex parties and with casual lovers. She enthusiastically agrees to initiate her cute neighbor to ways of sexual pleasure.

Sex was the deal. Falling in love ruins everything. Or does it?

Julie Blair’s latest book is an erotic romance, and oh is it ever good. It’s not just that Kate learns she’s a lesbian, but she learns how her body works in a way that’s realistic, making it sexy yet relatable.

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Hot-Line-by-Alison-GreyHot Line by Alison Grey (Ylva Publishing)

Two women from different worlds. Linda, a successful psychologist, uses her work to distance herself from her own loneliness. Christina works for a sex hotline to make ends meet.

Their worlds collide when Linda calls Christina’s sex line. Christina quickly realizes Linda is not her usual customer. Instead of wanting phone sex, Linda makes an unexpected proposition. Does Christina dare accept the offer that will change both their lives?

I liked this novella so much I wish it were a full length novel! It’s a quick, sexy, yet sweet rich girl/poor girl erotic story featuring sex work in a way I haven’t quite seen elsewhere.


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rebecakah weatherspoon at her feetAt Her Feet by Rebekah Weatherspoon (Bold Strokes Books)

During a night of Web surfing for celeb gossip and masturbatory material, digital marketing producer Suzanne Kim stumbles across an intriguing thread while checking her profile on kinklife.com. Suzanne isn’t exactly looking, but the request for a very specific type of submissive from the attractive mistress, Mami-P, is hard to resist. Though the two hit it off during their first online conversation, Suzanne never imagines how strong their real life attraction and compatibility will be. After a few missteps in training, trust, and communication, Suzanne finds a deep love with her mistress, Pilar.

Overworked and overstressed in her daily life, Suzanne comes to crave their relationship for the visceral escape it provides, but before they can make the ultimate commitment, someone from Suzanne’s professional life threatens to disrupt their perfectly balanced bliss.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Rebekah Weatherspoon’s fiction, but At Her Feet is my favourite. If you can deal with age play in your erotic romance, you’ll love it because it’s not only super hot, but it’s also sweet, hilarious, and has a relationship at its centre that I adore.

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Camryn Eyde Celebrity PassCelebrity Pass by Camryn Eyde (Self-published)

Cass Hartley, reporter, was ruing her day of horrid, abysmal luck. If anything could go wrong, it did, right up to the moment that Isabel O’Donnell drove through the pouring rain to rescue her and her ruined pumps.

Instantly star-struck and unable to contain her pure adoration of the movie starlet, Cass bumbles her way into the woman’s mansion, her bath, and maybe, just maybe, her bed. What secret do the women share that makes their encounter not what it seems?

Look, I know what you’re thinking: sounds like a cheating story. But there’s more to it than that, and it’s surprisingly sweet. And hey—who doesn’t have a celebrity pass?

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Dark-Horizons-Rae-D-Magdon-Michelle-MaglyDark Horizons by Rae D. Magdon and Michelle Magly

Lieutenant Taylor Morgan has never met an ikthian that wasn’t trying to kill her, but when she accidentally takes one of the aliens hostage, she finds herself with an entirely new set of responsibilities. Her captive, Maia Kalanis, is no normal ikthian, and the encroaching Dominion is willing to do just about anything to get her back.

Her superiors want to use Maia as a bargaining chip, but the more time Taylor spends alone with her, the more conflicted she becomes. Torn between Maia and her duty to her home-world, Taylor must decide where her loyalties lie.

I’m just as surprised as you that a sci-fi book made its way onto this list, but Dark Horizons is an excellent erotic romance. This enemies-to-lovers story blends action and romance perfectly, and I can’t wait to read its sequel.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed the 10 Best Lesbian Erotic Novels list and… Oh, who am I kidding? We all know that one of the things you readers love best about top 10 lists at The Lesbian Review is the bonus book. So here we go, two extra books I just had to sneak on this list.

Thirteen-hours-by-Meghan-ObrienThirteen Hours by Meghan O’Brien (Bold Strokes Books)

Can you fall in love in thirteen hours? It’s her birthday but lonely workaholic Dana Watts is at the office late, drafting a proposal. The very last interruption she expects comes in the form of the most beautiful breasts she has ever seen. These belong to an incredibly hot woman, who is standing in front of her, stripping to music. Laurel Stanley performs strip-o-grams to pay her way through school. She has never encountered a more ungrateful recipient than Dana. The uptight project manager makes it clear that she is furious to be distracted from her work by the “gift” a colleague sent and equally appalled by Laurel’s occupation. After Dana is rude and insulting, and insists on escorting Laurel from the building, the two women take an elevator ride that changes everything. Stuck with each other for thirteen long hours after the elevator breaks down, they discover how wrong first impressions can be and how right two strangers can feel together. Can everything change in less than a day? Dana and Laurel set out to discover if their passionate elevator encounter can mean more in this fast-paced, erotic story of lust, loneliness, fantasy, and desire.

I know what you’re thinking: Meghan O’Brien is already on this list! But hear me out. The Night Off is the best, but Thirteen Hours is a fantastic erotic romance too! And I’m not the only one who thinks so, because Sheena and Brooklyn also love it.

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This book was so close to being on the list so we included it here

electras-complex-by-emma-perezElectra’s Complex by Emma Pérez (Bella Books)

Electra Campos has kept her life cleanly divided. By week she tends to her academic duties and her students. Weekends she frequents the Down Under, a Chelsea sex club for women.

When her spiteful ex Isabel Cortez issues yet another petty threat, she brushes it off—until she finds Capital College’s dean in a pool of his own blood. At first, NYPD Detective Carolina Quinn seems concerned only in Electra’s details of finding the body. Then the interest grows intensely professional…and personal.

Why would the police think Electra had a motive for murder? She had no personal interaction with Dean Johnson. But his wife was no stranger to the Down Under, and Detective Quinn is extremely curious about every detail of Electra’s other life.

So this isn’t a romance. Like, at all. But it’s an excellent erotic mystery where sex is used to ratchet up tension, and I can’t recommend it enough.

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