Thirteen hours by Meghan OBrien Thirteen hours by Meghan O’Brien is a really sweet story with some sizzling chemistry and scorching sex scenes.

Dana Watts is a brusque workaholic who is working late one night at the office when she is surprised by a beautiful stripper. She feels an instant attraction but is so far in the land of denial that she gets angry and escorts the stripper out in a less than friendly manner.

On the way down to the ground floor, the elevator that they are in stops unexpectedly and won’t be going anywhere until security returns in the morning. This leaves Dana to deal with, Laurel, beautiful stripper who she has been supremely rude to.

Is it possible that Laurel is more than what she seems at first and can Dana let go of her tight control enough to open up to the woman who is sitting across the elevator from her?

The Characters

As the story unfold we see a depth in both characters and a vulnerability that makes them both accessible to readers.

The Writing Style

Meghan O’Brien’s writing style is entertaining. She is creative and her story isn’t the typical romance. I found, though, that 13 hours felt like two separate books almost. The time in the elevator felt like one story and the time after the elevator felt like another.

A good chunk of the book is set in the elevator and I can honestly say that I applaud Meghan O’Brien’s ability to make a long and interesting story about two people stuck in a small space together an oh the sizzling chemistry was quite something.

The Pros

It was a lovely little story with the elevator being the highlight of the story. If you want a long and very sexy foreplay then this book is for you.

The Cons


brooklyn's favouriteThe Conclusion

Very worth it. A delightful, sexy book with a happy ending. It had some fun sex scenes and the longest foreplay I have ever read in a book, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The characters grew and we even learn to like Dana despite her rather rude introduction.

Excerpt from Thirteen Hours by Meghan O’Brien

Dana could only sit and stare at the rosy-tipped breasts that swayed in front of her face.

They were perfect, and for a crazy moment she forgot about the proposal she was supposed to be drafting and considered reaching up to cup them in her hands. But Dana wasn’t the irresponsible type, and she certainly wasn’t the kind of woman who went around feeling up strippers. Humiliated by her impulse, she felt hot anger surge through her body. Her proposal was far more important than whatever cheap thrill this woman thought she was offering.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Dana snapped. “Stand up and turn off that music. Now.”

The dark-haired stripper grinned, rocking against her body. “I’m your birthday present.” She reached down and grasped Dana’s hand, bringing it up to rest on one of her perfect breasts. “Enjoy me,” she whispered hotly in her ear.

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